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Microgaming has always been known for designing superior games for online casino. Being in the industry for over 20 games, the company has produced over 500 games, all of which have earned themselves a huge following. Therefore, it is no surprise that they released Pretty Kitty, the next best slot game for pet lovers. However, the game is not only designed for this market. The creative design of the game makes it suitable for any casino slot games lover. It is designed to be highly rewarding for both the players and the casino owners. This is true to the stamen from Neil Whyte, Microgaming’s head of Product Channels, “It is not only about providing a new exciting game like Pretty Kitty every month. The important and advanced features such as achievements and free spins are also the matter of our pride. This way, the game comes to operators with the tools necessary to attract new players or enhance loyalty of the already existing ones”.


The game offers excellent features to the players, making it pretty exciting for everyone who plays it. Pretty Kitty is designed to be on 5 * 3 reel slot. That means, 5 reels and three rows. It is full of your favorite kitties and jewel. Also, it is to allow 243 ways in which the players could win. The game consists of a purple backdrop during the basic came. And, if you are lucky to be awarded a bonus game, you will play on a red backdrop. Anyone with 30 pennies to 75 Euros can play the game on the affiliate online casino. The lowest spins go for 30 pennies while the highest goes for about 75 Euros. This being the case, most people will be able to afford to play the game. Additionally, the payout has been set at a very high percentage. With a 97% payout stake, this is bound to be among the highest rewarding slot games.


Pretty Kitty symbols change depending on the game. 5 cat breeds will be used to represent the high value symbols. The five cat breeds include the Himalayan, white Persian, Maine coon, Orange tabby and British Shorthair. On the other hand, the ordinary symbols are in the form of gems. The gems vary in color, ranging from red, green, blue, and yellow to orange.


Although, Pretty Kitty is not in 3D, its features almost match to 3D. Talk of the plush backdrops that easily relaxes the players as they play through their PCs or mobile devices. Not forgetting of the cool back ground music, the relaxing jazz that puts every player in the mood for the game.


On top of the excellent game features, comes the bonus features which are even better. The bonus game has an expanding feature. If you have worked with expanding wilds, then you might have an idea of what this expanding feature is all about. Although, they are not the same, they operate in the same way. So, how does this work? Each time you get the same symbols on three reels, the symbol will expand in all other reels where the symbol is present.


With this game, players can get 15 free spins each time they get 3 or more diamond collars spread in the reels. In addition, players can get up to 30 free spins if they are able to retrigger this feature. Retriggering will require that you land more scatters during the round.


If you are lucky enough, you can get a win of up to 933 times your wager. Reaching this win is not impossible, especially if you constantly achieve the expanding feature. And, although the payout is not as frequent as other games that you may have played in the past, it definitely does reward highly when it does. In addition, a non- progressive jackpot of 70, 000 Euros is currently being offered by Pretty Kitty.


This game is available on almost all UK casinos powered by Microgaming. You will certainly not find this game in US licensed casinos. So, anyone interested in trying this game out, to look at UK licensed and regulated Casinos. Microgaming has never disappointed and the trend will certainly not start now.