The key to living a good life while periodically indulging in the many vices that we all succumb to is, due diligence. Too much of a good thing, is never a good thing and the perfect example of this is the circumstances surrounding a salesman that blamed his gambling addiction as to the reason why he stole £45,000.

A top Mercedes Benz salesman from England, has been convicted of theft and sentenced to serve ten months in prison as a result of his confession, pertaining to the theft of £45,000.

Harry Camilleri, was a proud father of one, who made an average of £65,000 per year as a result of his position of being a Mercedes Benz salesman. On top of his average yearly commissions, he also made a £12,0000 salary. But regardless of this fact, Harry stole £45,000 from 35 different customer deposits.

Camilleri was able to funnel money from various customers because he was able to persuade customers that they should transfer money into two separate accounts that he told them were deposit accounts for their luxury car purchases. In reality though, while one of those accounts was in fact, a deposit account for the customer’s purchase, the other account was his personal account that he used to feed his gambling habits.

Apparently, Harry had been able to funnel money from various customers, for over 18 months until a disgruntled customer filed a complaint. The disgruntled customer spoke to Harry’s supervisor about the circumstances of why they received two different account numbers from Harry.

When Harry’s bosses brought it to their attention, he proclaimed that it was an ‘honest mistake’. Harry was considered by his bosses, to be a highly trusted employee and as such, believed that he really did make a mistake. But their opinions changed when Harry handed in his letter of resignation the following day. In response to this, his bosses made the decision to launch an investigation, due to the fact that they saw it as highly suspicious that their top performing salesman of nine years, would resign one day after being accused of something that he proclaimed was ‘an honest mistake’.

Less than one day after the investigation was launched, Harry turned himself in to the police and confessed to deceiving customers into making two deposits, one into the company’s account and one into his personal account. During his interrogation, he also proclaimed that he did this as a result of his addiction to online gambling.

When he was brought to court, this was the basis of his defense, but the judge, Robert Brown, refused to accept this as his defense appeal, based on the fact that his attorneys wanted the Judge to give him a suspended sentence as a result of his good standing with the company prior to the event and his addiction.

Instead of giving Camilleri a suspended sentence, the judge sentenced him to 10 months in prison and ordered him to pay a restitution fee of £45,000. Since then, Camilleri has paid approximately £10,000 of that restitution fee, which brings his total balance down to £26,000.