Metal Detector Slot

metal-detector Metal Detector is a video slot game that has a fun beach treasure concept. The game was made by Rival Gaming ( Metal Detector is composed of 15 paylines and five reels. If the idea of exploring the seaside and looking for exciting hidden treasures tucked away in the sand appeals to you, then this might be your type of slot game. Metal Detector gives players many fun “beachy” effects, from seagull sounds to crashing waves in the ocean. As the name indicates, metal detectors are a big component of this video slot game. The game was actually designed to resemble metal detectors’ face panels.


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Some of the diverse and memorable icons that are part of Metal Detector include gold coins, gold cups, watches, jewelry, diamond rings, treasure chests and colt revolvers, to name a few examples. The game also features 10s, jacks, queens, kings and aces.

Metal Detector gives players the chance to experience two bonus features and two scatters. If you’re lucky enough to see no fewer than three of the treasure map symbols, then you’ll be able to get free spins. Once your bonus begins, your first task is to pick where you believe the treasure’s specific location is on the provided map. This will determine the multiplier and number of spins you receive.

The other scatter that’s part of Metal Detector is the “Detector Dude,” complete with stylish shades. If you notice at least three Detector Dude symbols anywhere on your screen, you’ll be able to begin the Dig Bonus, where you’ll get the opportunity to search for treasures. When you get this feature, a map appears. Your job is to employ the map to pinpoint where exactly you’d like to begin digging. If you make a good choice, you might just hear yourself yelling Eureka.

Unlike many other popular video slot games out there, Metal Detector lacks any wilds. All wins pay out in traditional left-to-right directions, bar the scatters.

When you play Metal Detector, you can wager upward of 100 coins for every single spin. If you’d like to do a maximum bet, then the game will provide you with 15 paylines. Lower bets have fewer paylines. Metal Detector’s highest jackpot is 2,000 dazzling coins.

Metal Detector offers players delights from the very beginning. The game’s introduction shows an idyllic sun-kissed afternoon on the beach. The only particularly unusual element of this pleasant scene, however, is the sight of a man digging around for hidden treasures using a handy metal detector.

People who love the beach might have an excellent time playing this video slot game. The game is reminiscent of lazy days at the beach in the middle of the summertime, after all. While Metal Detector has a calming summertime feel to it, it also provides players with a strong sense of adventure. If you’ve ever seen a treasure hunter at the beach looking around diligently for some concealed riches in the sand, then the Metal Detector game concept should be extremely familiar to you.


  1. gold coins, gold cups, watches, jewelry, diamond rings, treasure chests and colt revolvers …

  2. awesome game.enjoy it…yuppy

  3. I don’t like the bonus round.

    I prefer having free games in the bonus round..

  4. I am enjoy in those game, so cool funny and so amazing… I will recommend to everyone!

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