New Mexico Online Gambling Law

One of the newest crazes sweeping the country is online gambling. This multi-billion dollar industry has become part of many people’s daily lives.

However, there are strict gaming and regulatory laws that need to be followed. Each state has their own gaming laws, taxes, and regulations. These laws change periodically, so it is important to check the status of the laws of the state before partaking in online gambling. As of September first of this year, New Mexico has set up regulatory restrictions on their state’s online gambling.

Gambling laws in the state of New Mexico were originally established in 1978. With the introduction of new technology and the internet, it has become necessary to amend the current laws. The current laws governing the use of the internet for online gambling are set up to protect the inhabitants of the state from fraud, theft, and to regulate and enforce these laws. The rules and regulations are listed under the section 30-19.3 commercial gambling, 30-19.2 gambling, and 30-19.4 permitting premises to be used for gambling.


This involves recording, receiving, or forwarding offers for betting and all other bets. It includes the building or structure that the internet is used to complete this online gambling action. The provider of these services is listed as a commercial gambling site if they receive a portion of the proceeds of money bet and money lost. A commercial betting site is also including the businesses or organizations where any device is used to connect to the internet for the purposes of online gambling. Any business or person conducting commercial gambling in the state will face felony charges in the fourth degree.


The penalties for gambling in the state of New Mexico outside of the regulated gambling facilities, is a petty misdemeanor. This includes the act of making bets, to play lotteries, or to gamble on an electronic device. It is also illegal to organize lotteries or to possess the structure or area with the intent to conduct gambling.


Any person who owns the property in which the illegal online gambling is to take place, is held accountable and faces petty misdemeanor charges for the crime. This law also covers the owner’s general knowledge of the illegal actions of the residents or renters of their structure.

When it comes to the current laws of online gambling in the state of New Mexico, it is illegal to participate in, set up facilities, own gambling facilities, or have knowledge that such online gambling facilities are operating. It is also illegal to own the property. Violators of these laws are subject to arrest and fines for charges that range from petty misdemeanors to felony charges.

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