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If there is one thing that can gain the loyalty of customers, it is incentives. A business has to offer rewards and incentives in order to increase the loyalties of its clients and customers. MGM has proven itself to be very good at inspiring loyalty from its user base It has been offering loyalty programs for a while which has gained it a lot of good customers. The program has proven to be so effective and successful that it has taken home two Freddie Awards. The name of the loyalty program that has earned the Freddie Awards is M Life.

The two awards that MGM has won with M Life are “Best Promotion” and “210 Award”. One of the reasons that M Life has won plenty of awards is that it has offered a lot of incentives to its users which include personalized offers, exclusive access and other features which include special benefits that are awarded to every dollar that is spent at the 15 destinations throughout the U.S. The world renowned places include the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino Las Vegas which is perhaps the most popular casino to visit among people who love to gamble and those that are merely visiting.

MGM Resorts is run by a few people including Jordan Salmon, who considers it an honor to be given the Freddie Awards. One reason that the Freddie Awards is so meaningful is because the people that decide who receives the awards are customers. Since the customers decided that the MGM resorts will be the recipients of the awards, then this shows that the company understands how to treat the customers. MGM has shown itself to be a resort that other casinos and resorts can look to as an example of how to treat loyal customers.

For one thing, customers that are signed up with the loyalty program are made to feel valued. Customers are also given a personalized experience which not only shows that MGM values its customers, but also gives each individual what he or she desires so that he won’t feel bombarded by interruptions. This not only encourages current customers to stay with the program, but also encourages new customers to sign up. MGM has put a lot of efforts into making sure the customers are appreciated. The fact that the resort is being recognized for all of its efforts can only encourage it to increase its efforts towards its customers.

Jordan Salmon has definitely expressed appreciation for his team and customers for the Freddie Awards. He has talked about how M Life has gotten its start as a program for gaming and then expanded to be available for all members and guests of MGM Resorts. Because of the recognition, more customers are sure to visit MGM Resorts in order to find out what is so good about the establishment. Also, there will be more people signing up to experience all of the features and advantages that come with MGM Resorts.

The Freddie Awards is held annually in order to honor reward and loyalty programs of airlines and hotels. There are three geographic regions that take part in this annual event. The three regions that take part in it are The Americas, Africa/Europe, and Asia/Oceana. The Freddie Awards have been held annually since 1988. Executives of the travel industry as well as frequent flyers have recognized this event as the way to honor loyalty programs for travel. The Freddie Awards allow the flyer and customers who stay in hotels to speak up about the best loyalty programs. The industry serves more than 300 million members across the world.