Michigan Online Gambling Law

In the United States the laws on gambling vary from one state to another. The state of Michigan, for instance, is fairly friendly when it comes to allowing residents to gamble, provided that their activities fall within a few fairly narrow avenues of gambling. Fortunately for residents who enjoy online gambling there are options available for them.

Is Online Gambling Legal in Michigan?

Yes, but there are caveats. In the past there was a law in place that made any and all forms of online gambling illegal, but it was repealed within a year of being signed into law. However, it is still illegal to run a gambling business in the state of Michigan unless one has a license from the state’s gambling authority.

The loophole here is that online casinos can be anywhere in the world, and as long as they’re based in a location that is not within the state of Michigan, and they are allowed by U.S. federal law, then Michigan residents can still gamble at these casinos and collect their winnings. As long as residents report any money they’ve earned on their income taxes, there should be no issues provided the online casino is hosted outside of Michigan.

Can I Play Anywhere?

Yes and no. Again residents can play at any casino that is outside the state of Michigan and which is fully licensed. That said there are plenty of casinos that simply do not allow U.S. residents, or which might be considered illegal for Michigan state gamblers. Any casino which allows sports betting for instance is out of the question, and many of them will simply block access from any IP address that comes from inside the U.S. to prevent legal issues.

Where Else Can I Gamble In Michigan?

While the laws on online casinos might seem a little murky compared with other states, Michigan does have a variety of other gambling options for residents to participate in. These include the state’s regular, licensed casinos as well as those which are hosted on Native American land. There is also the state lottery, as well as betting on horses. Compared to some other states Michigan is actually very friendly toward gambling, and there are very few laws that ban it aside from the ones that require any sort of licensing in order to run a gambling operation. Still, if one is a Michigan resident who plans to be betting then it’s a good idea to know what the state’s law requires before laying money down.

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