Milk the Cash Cow Slot

Milk the Cash Cow is an entertaining virtual slot machine game with a classic farm theme. The player can see and hear images and audio that takes him or her to one of nature’s most interesting locations. Cows continuously moo in the background in between slot spins. When a player wins a prize, the background mooing changes to one loud and long front-and-center moo. The player also hears the sound of change piling up, which is one of the most enjoyable aspects of classic slot machine play. Milk the Cash Cow is an amazingly entertaining game for players of varying ages. A new player can choose to play with or without cash.


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Milk the Cash Cow Layout

The theme of the game is cows, milk and buckets of cash. The right of the screen displays a classic slot machine appearance. The icons that spin up and down the screen include items such as bars, money stacks, buckets of cash, and the coveted cow icon. The cow icon yields the highest payout. A player that is lucky enough to land on three cow icons will win up to 10,000 times his or her bet. The next most desirable icon is the cash bucket icon. Players who fall on three cash bucket icons can win up to 90 times their bet amount.

The bottom left portion of the screen gives the player options such as cashier, help, lobby and options. It also displays the amount of money the player has left in his or her till. The center bottom of the screen displays the number of coins bet, the total bet amount, and the “won” amount. The player can adjust his or her bet amount by using the plus and minus signs underneath the coin icon. The bottom right of the screen allows the player to select auto play (for real money play only) and a normal spin. The “select coins” and “max bet” options are situated underneath the monetary information strip.

Playing the Game

Game play is fairly easy. Players who are playing for fun will choose their till amount by clicking on the “cashier” button. This option allows a player to see how the game operates and decide whether this particular slot machine is right for him or her. Players can switch to real play mode at any time by visiting the “cashier” and clicking “play for real.”

The next step after “funding” the account is placing a bet. The player can bet up to three coins, and the value of the coins can range from $1 to $10. Three coins will give the person a chance to receive the highest possible payout. After setting the bet, the player can spin the virtual wheel by clicking “bet max” or “spin.” The person can use different spinning styles such as holding the button down with the mouse for several seconds and then releasing it. The pace of the game is very fast, and a new player will be delighted with it.


  1. I wish to get three cow icons in a row to win a jackpot.

  2. Players who fall on three cash bucket icons can win up to 90 times their bet amount is good way of earning large amount. shall we get any sign up bonus

  3. Nice one, you’ve made a good job OC, Good quality of graphic, nice sound, and cute appearence.. It’ll break the ice surrounding gambling world

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