Mississippi Online Gambling Law

Mississippi is not online gambling adverse, and this is detailed by the state’s official response to the online gambling phenomenon. It is often thought that since states highly regulate other forms of gambling that they would also regulate online gambling in a manner that is at least as restrictive as other forms of gambling. Instead, Mississippi has taken the opportunity to advance their gambling interests with a hands off approach. At first it seems that this is counterintuitive but viable businesses grow in the complete absence of regulation. However, this does not mean that there are actual references to online gambling within any written law, but without passing laws to address the issue, it is legal in a de facto manner. This is Mississippi’s official approach to online gambling. This means that if any other municipality in the U.S. has approved online gambling, then Mississippi allows its residents to gamble on those platforms.

Recognizing this opportunity, most online gambling platforms that are approved in America will allow Mississippi residents to play. This is the case because Mississippi does not actively seek and prosecute anyone for online gambling and has no law on the books specifically restricting the practice. This means that people from Mississippi can actively participate in and make money on any legal online gambling platform in America. In states that actively restrict online gambling, legal online gambling platforms that are licensed in America will restrict players from those states. This is also the case with states with no new laws actively restricting online gambling, but aggressively prosecute using their existing laws restricting or forbidding gambling.

The law is unclear, but laws prohibiting gambling are very precise in Mississippi. The law actually states that taking place in gambling activities for money or valuables is strictly prohibited unless allowed by state law, but the law also states that participating in games that are illegal is prohibited. The law is vague in this area and remains unaddressed because some online gambling is legal in the U.S., and these are the casinos that cater to Mississippi residents. These dueling, vague statutes allow the loophole that these residents and out of state legal online casinos are exploiting. Very few online casinos that are based internationally are sanctioned for operation in the U.S. This means that in Mississippi these platforms are forbidden by both laws. This puts the restrictions that outlaw these types of casinos are based on very solid legal standing and accessing these types of casinos will result in prosecution.

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  1. come on… can US reach $1.9 Billion on 2020 in online casino/gambling bussines?

    • It could be possible if the US government would take their greedy hands out of outposts for once.

  2. I like Mississippi’s approach to this matter. They don’t mind and we don’t matter.
    I live bordering.g Mississippi’s state line. It is nothing for me to go to Mississippi and play on their Casino boats. But if I wanted to play in a lambasted Casino I would have to go hours away to play. So those are once a year places.

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