Missouri Online Gambling Law

Gambling in many form is legal in Missouri, but as with other states, the laws specifically dealing with online gambling are vague, non-existent or interpreted from existing law. However, people from Missouri do engage in gambling in large amounts, and there are legal physical casinos that cater to the demand. Missouri residents gamble online in the absence of written legal precedence for or against online gambling specifically in the state of Missouri. The answer to the question of whether or not people from Missouri are restricted from accessing online casinos that are legally operating with U.S. residents is a resounding yes.

Not a single online gaming platform legally accessed by U.S. residents restricts the use of their sites specifically to Missouri residents. Most offenses for illegal gambling in Missouri are misdemeanors, but in Missouri, professional gamblers receive a harsher charge for the illegal activity. The penalty for a gambling offense committed by these gamblers is a Class D felony. A professional gambler is defined as someone that derives a significant portion of their yearly income from legal gambling proceeds.

In the case of online gambling in Missouri, the law is not at all specific. Because of this, an interpretation of the law that is on the books concerning regular gambling into cases concerning online gambling would require advice from a professional attorney, but it is simply a fact that these laws do not address legal online gambling in Missouri whatsoever. Gambling outside of casinos or other licensed gambling venues is a misdemeanor in Missouri, and gambling is defined as a person risking things of value on games of chance or outcomes that are not controlled by the participant in the state of Missouri.

Missouri provides an exception for gambling situations that occur without house control and with the participant’s current social circle. For this gambling to be legal, it has to be private. This covers private poker and blackjack games, as well as, other forms of social gambling and can take place without state licensing. All other forms must be licensed. However, most U.S. applicable online casinos are licensed and regulated. This is the vagueness that Missouri residents exploit to be able take place in legal online gambling. Currently, there are no efforts to regulate the online gambling industry within the state of Missouri. This means for the foreseeable future, residents of Missouri can participate in legal forms of online casinos without fear of prosecution.

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