Moonlight Mystery Slot

moonlight-mysteryMoonlight Mystery is a video slot game that takes a new twist on the slot concept, bringing players an exciting adventure as they are drawn into a mystery. The stage is set at the very beginning with a classic scene in London during the 1800’s. Gamers enter a mansion on a tempest-tossed night. In the spirit of the board game, Clue, it will be up to players to figure out “who dunn-it” as they encounter a group of characters, each a possible suspect in a dastardly crime that occurred previously. As always, there is an inspector who is in charge of the investigation, intent on figuring out which member of the cast is responsible for murder. Encounter classic symbols of murder and mayhem with 15 pay lines. The game consists of 5 reels as well, ensuring there will be variety with each play.


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Get Closer To the Answer through Each Round of Play

It’s up to the player to take on the role of detective and stick it out, continuing to play until the conclusion of the game. Players have a choice of playing for fun or putting money on the line. The size of the bet is up to the player and will be a factor in any returns at the end of play. Poison bottles, scatter lanterns, and chalk outlines spice things up a bit with the chance for free spins and a trigger that will bring on the bonus round even sooner. Free spins are a great enticement, giving players the opportunity to take on another round without having to pay. They’ll really feel like winners if a free spin brings in a big reward.

Figure it Out in the Bonus Round

Make it to the final, bonus round to get to the bottom of the crime. This is the point when it should all come together. The player must figure out every aspect of the crime, from the motive, the method, the scene of the crime, and the character who carried out the horrific crime. Each time a player chooses to engage in Moonlight Mystery, there will be a new scenario. This game will never grow old, luring amateur sleuths back again and again.

Rival Gaming Has Created a Smash

With Moonlight Mystery, the creators from Rival Gaming have managed to hit a classic combination. They give hardcore gamers a blend of suspense, action, and something for free, ensuring they will play until the end to fulfill their curiosity and hopefully fill their pockets. The best part about this game is that a player can get his or her feet wet without putting any money on the line. Many players enjoy dabbling in this particular brand of video slot entertainment for free. However, many will get a taste of the action and want to take a chance at actually winning a big jackpot. With free spins and bonuses, it is anybody’s game, allowing players a feeling of sweet victory when they solve the crime.

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