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“More Monkeys Stellar Jackpots” is one odd name for a game. The game exists and Lightning Box Games is the developer that produced it. Since the game is now live, players who want to give it a try most certainly can do so. The player probably are going to become quick fans of the unique game.

The game is a slot. Even ardent fans of slot games wonder if anything new is out there. As long as a bit of creativity is infused in a new game, then the experience of slot gaming has the potential of always being fun and original. This particular game does deliver on many levels. Never is More Monkeys Stella Jackpots a mere rehash of other slot games.

The one thing that absolutely lets this slot game stand out tremendously from so many others is the number of ways to win. The number reflects a shocking 1,024 ways. This is thanks, in part, to the five reels found on the slot’s screen. And speaking of screens, this game works well on tablets, smartphones, and desktop computers. No one has to feel left out. 60p is all a player needs to place a minimum bet.

The theme of the game is rooted in Chinese culture. A number of animals that are indigenous to China are found on the screen. Pandas, tigers, and koi are among them. The presence of these animals add to the cool look of the game.

The graphics have a slight cartoonish and comic book look to them. This is not to infer the artwork is childish. Rather, the visuals have a pop culture influence that seems to be drawn from heroic and adventurous films. This does allow the look of the game to embody an upbeat and active style and theme.

Playing the slot can be extended thanks to the availability of free games through a feature integrated into the system. Once the feature is engaged, 20 free spins are delivered and this is not the end. Even more free spins are possible when playing the 20 free spins. 8 more free spins may be chosen, and then there are two other options to take advantage of. 8x free multipliers and stacked wilds on the third reels are there for the choosing.

What about those jackpots mentioned in the name of the game? There are three of them and they appear randomly, which means players do have to stay alert to what happens on the screen with the spins. The jackpot spins lead players to, of all places, outer space. Once the player arrives in outer space, there are six levels of progression to take advantage of. Every single level comes with a cash prize. So, going through all the levels may end up being lucrative for a lucky player.

A win of £2,500 is possible for the person whose luck comes through three matches with during the special spins. £2,500 is definitely not a small amount of money to win. While not a massive jackpot, the amount definitely adds to the drama of playing. The time and money investment associated with playing is something that should stay on the minds of those who play. Winning a nice chunk of money is always a good thing to have as a possible outcome. Of course, the chance of winning a nice sum is possible even without hitting a big jackpot.

More Monkeys Stellar Jackpot is a slot game that is going to garner a lot of fans. The graphics are excellent and the chance to win money is intriguing. Players are going to flock to it.