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Net Entertainment is at it again and gearing up to release its newest online casino slot game entitled Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune! Net Entertainment is doing great things. Not just with this new release, but in the online casino gaming industry in general.

The first online casino began back in 1994 and since then much has changed and much has become better. Rising technology companies like Net Entertainment have changed the face of online casino gaming. Net Entertainment has pioneered a path like never before toward the amazing online casino gaming experience that customers are able to have today.

Net Entertainment also popularly known as NetEnt recently entered the US market in 2015 and has been creating innovative and high-quality gaming solutions for the world’s most successful online casino operators. The talented and creative Net Entertainment team which comprises employees from around the world has really gotten together to create casino slots that are sure to make this summer a blast.

Thanks to the innovative solutions created by Net Entertainment, avid casino slot players are able to conveniently use the technology at their fingertips to have an amazing casino experience without ever setting foot outside of their house.

This has been revolutionary for those who may have circumstances or situations which prevent them from going on outings or from traveling to a brick and mortar casino which may be located too far from their place of residence. Virtual experiences have proven to be no less entertaining than live attendance experiences at the casino slot machines. It seems that Net Entertainment has been getting better with every new release that is developed for online casinos and for people who are not able to, or choose not to travel to casinos in person.

Net Entertainment is about to do great things in the online casino gaming community. There are exciting things to look forward to as the company is preparing to release their newest slot game which is set for a release date of June 22, 2016.

The name of the new game to look for in the online casinos is called, Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune. Net Entertainment has been on schedule to release slot games of various themes and subjects. The timing for the release of this slot game is perfect because it’s coming out in the summer season and the theme is based on the fun of amusement parks, which thrive during this season of the year.

Just from reading the title of this slot game, you can tell that you are in for some fun. Our imaginations can only wonder about all of the benefits and bonuses that will come with a ticket of fortune. The game is sure to have amazingly fun graphics with all of the classic things that you might find at a theme park, from rollercoaster rides to balloons.

Don’t forget about all of the yummy food and snacks! Everyone’s got their favorite rides or foods that they look forward to and enjoy at theme parks. So, it will be fun to see what will be included in the presentation of the background imagery and in the animation throughout the slot game. Great music and sound effects are sure to top off the entire experience of being at a theme park.

Net Entertainment has been on a creative roll so far this year with the releases of, Drive: Multiplier Mayhem and Alohas during this year’s first quarter. In addition to the scheduled release of Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune during this second quarter, there was also the scheduled releasing of two other slots for this second quarter – Jimi Hendrix, and Football: Champions Cup.

Slot fans have had a lot to look forward to in this first part of 2016. Net Entertainment keeps the online casino scene fresh and exciting with the ever-flowing creativity that flows from great talent. The best part is that they continue to get better and better at their craft and provide a highly entertaining experience for the community of online casino slot players.

Net Entertainment has been making a good mark in the US market since entering it, and there are no signs of slowing down the great things to come.