NetEnt’s Recent Expansion of Online Games Into North America

NetEnt, one of the largest business to business suppliers of casino technology systems and platforms, has recently joined forces with GameAccount Network. GameAccount Network’s recent expansion to North American markets has subsequently allowed NetEnt to expand its products to Americans, Canadians, and Mexicans all throughout North America. Unlike its parent company GameAccount Networks, NetEnt only provides its services and products to online casinos, and not any “real,” in-person casinos. This does not mean NetEnt has a low potential for growth just because it does not offer any real casino services: the technology sector of online casinos has been growing at an exponential rate, which allows NetEnt a virtually unreachable potential for growth.

NetEnt has partnered with GameAccount Network to better the Network’s information system and operating platforms for Simulated Gaming, which is currently a gambling simulation that doesn’t have the option for its users to bet actual money in games, only in-game currency that can not be transferred to “real” money.

NetEnt currently offers more than two hundred online games, as a part of the prestigious, award winner CasinoModule. CasinoModule is the base that contains and edits all of NetEnt’s games. GameAccount Network is not able to use NetEnt’s games without partnering with them, giving them a good reason to partner with NetEnt.

As of today, NetEnt has not been available to North American online gamers. GameAccount Network is giving NetEnt’s games and online gambling platforms a chance to be played by one of the largest gambling bases in the world, if not the largest: North America. The whole partnership is not exactly about NetEnt making money from its games that GameAccount Network plans to host on its Simulated Gaming platform. NetEnt is simply seeking exposure of its games and operating systems, and will get plenty exposure because of all the people in North America that will soon be available to play the games, and experience the NetEnt gaming platform, and, ultimately, the experience. NetEnt will earn a little money, but not a material amount.

New Jersey is the first state of the United States to allow NetEnt’s games to be played legally. It is reported the NetEnt has inked partnerships with other casinos, such as Golden Nugget, Danske Spil, and Caesars Interactive Entertainment. The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement will have official word on NetEnt and the inclusion of their games and gambling platforms within the next few weeks.

NetEnt has not only tried to increase exposure in the North American gambling markets, as it has started working alongside a Danish gambling company, Danske Spil. Spain has also been targeted and penetrated by NetEnt, with games such as 888, Premiere Megaplex, Paf, among others.

The Americas Managing Director of NetEnt, Mr. Bjorn Krantz, has publicly displayed his acknowledgment and excitement of how big the expansion into new markets could really be for NetEnt. After all, North America does have one of the most popular gambling markets in the world, which could lead for lots of exposure for NetEnt, and perhaps integration into the entire continent of North America’s online gambling world.

Although NetEnt has made many deals, partnerships, and agreements with a plethora of gaming companies, corporations, and enterprises, their partnership with GameAccess Network is undoubtedly the most important. Both Mr. Bjorn Krantz and the Chief Executive Officer of GameAccess have spoken publicly about how much they think the partnership will benefit both companies. NetEnt has yet to be exposed to the North American market, which will greatly increase the exposure of the brand and the services, gaming platforms, and games NetEnt has to offer. GameAccess Network will also benefit from this deal by having a wide selection of games on their Simulated Gaming network.

Seeking out subsidiary operations in other countries and continents was not a game-time decision for NetEnt, as they have been planning to expand in all directions for a while. Part of their strategy of corporate growth is, and has been for a number of years, to expand to North America. Of course, every company would like to make a large profit, or at least incur a significant amount of revenues, but NetEnt is reported to not make much money off of the partnership with GameAccount Network in North America.

The GameAccount Network – NetEnt partnership is to help develop GameAccount’s new Simulated Gaming system, and to increase the amount of exposure that NetEnt receives for its multitude of online gambling games.

For NetEnt to be able to market outside of its home countries’ boundaries is a blessing for the potential of the company. NetEnt has made significant profits in the past, so it is not to think that NetEnt has not made that much money from operations, but that the doors for massive amounts of revenues to flow into NetEnt. Being able to make lots of money will certainly allow for financial flexibility and the potential for increased profits for NetEnt.

NetEnt was founded as an offshoot of Cherry, an existing Scandinavian casino, in 1996 after slot machines were not allowed to be operated in Scandinavia anymore. Opening up an online gambling site brought many slot machine players to the internet. Slot machines are similar to computer games in that there is a certain probability of winning that is ultimately decided by the computer, unlike card games, where the assortment and dealing of a deck determine outcomes.

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