New Gambling Laws For New York

Two Years Into Passing John Bonacic’s Poker Bill

John Bonacic, a New York state senator is the man behind the online poker legislation in the empire state. Mr.Bonacic decided to hold a hearing in Albany in the past week with members who hold the key role in the gaming Industry. At the Albany hearing members of Caesars entertainment Corporation, Boyd gaming and MGM resorts placed some concerns on how it was believed that online poker with compacts with other states as necessary if not full online casino games. The leader of poker players alliance pushed for the consumers protection that regulated online gaming that was provided. The NYGA or the New York Gaming Association officials made the decision and attempt to slow the process by asking to see the new “brick-and-mortar” casinos that are under currently under construction. The new your gaming Association wanted the new casino to perform first before opening up the online games for the public.

One expert decided to send us some criticism on the believe the New York would not be needing a full online casino industry. One professional from SUNY Buffalo by the name of Joseph Kelly told Freeman that New York is is large enough and has already and could build a large enough clientele with another online poker. Joseph Kelly has also noted that John Bonacic is in current legislation allowing for New York to compact with other states. Hopefully this would enable New York to join forces with other online gaming in poker markets. Mostly from the East Coast but some names that were thrown around were New Jersey, Delaware and hopefully Pennsylvania.

Even though John Bonacic has worked tirelessly on the online poker legislation, but unfortunately does not look good on it’s passing for 2015. John Bonacic has already made attempts in 2014 by creating a similar bill that was used as a bookmark in hopes of having something on the books for legislators to glance over. The probability now tired John Bonacic has out for so much effort in the 2015 bill to move discussion forward, luckily it was achieved with the hearing earlier in the month.

Low morale is still holding on it seems to be that the bill will be passed in 2016. The poker players alliance executive director John Pappas has made a statement that New York need to actually have a comprehensive framework and would need to build support beyond just John Bonacic. So far the many attempts on pushing the bill through has not gone in vain, it has been getting noticed and creat quite a buzz. 2016 will probably be the lucky year, not everything can happen instantly and with so much effort put into it things are looking up for John Bonacic. Even thought a few more revisions maybe be needed, it does not look like the passing of the bill will be stopped in the near future with how determined John Bonacic seems to be about it.

Some talked about revisions included lowering propose license fees that are currently at $10 million and whether the site should partner with a brick-and-mortar casino.

A little about what brick and mortar casino means.

Though sometimes abbreviated as B&M, brick-and-mortar casinos are a physical card room rather than a virtual one. The term is often used to help differentiate businesses that operate in the physical world over the virtual one. It has been a useful term since the introduction of the Internet poker in 1999. When hearing the term brick-and-mortar establishments it is usually used to describe physical card rooms. Well brick-and-mortar describes the physical with the term “Internet poker portals”(good luck saying that three times fast) is a popular term to describe virtual card rooms. It can sometimes be confusing for those just beginning to understand the casino world and may sometimes be believed that “Brick and mortar casino” maybe an actual name of a real casino.

Most card players still perfume a brick and mortar casino over a virtual poker place online for security reasons. Even though the Internet isn’t a new concept to most, it is still new and open to online scams. Even though most online poker rooms are begging to knuckle down on the safety for online players it is still seen as unsafe to older generations and has even been stated to ruin the social experience.

Who is John Bonacic?

Other than the coincidence of obtaining office in 1999 the same year as the introduction to online poker, John Bonacic is not only Senator but in addition as a member of several other Senate committees such as: Tourism, Recreation & sports development, economic development and small business, and banks. He has been recognized as an independent leader within the senate and has Challenge conventional thinking since his first day. The crazy senate cowboy has once again made his voice known and doesn’t seems to loosing any steam in his new goal to get the poker bill passed.

It maybe a crazy year in 2016 but we will be seeing more news about John Bonacic and how he is tirelessly moving forward with the bill that has so far taken close to 2 years to push through. No other knows has been reported on if there will be any more changes to John Bonacic’s poker bill. Optimism is definitely on John Bonacic’s side in the next up coming year for the online poker bill being passed.

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