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Noah’s Ark is one of the greatest stories of all time. This story featured God wiping out all evil from the Earth with water. One man was chosen to protect life on Earth. Noah gathered two of each animal and his family into a great Ark and allowed life to continue. This amazing biblical story is absolutely epic, but it has rarely been portrayed in the modern media. Recently, a great movie was made about Noah, and now a slots game has been announced. IGT gaming recently announced that they would unveil a Noah’s Ark slot game.

IGT gaming is a leader in the video slot industry. The company regularly reveals new video slot games, and these games typically receive rave reviews. IGT works with online casinos and physical casinos to offer new and interesting games that are appealing to players throughout the world. IGT prides themselves on quality and their games respected throughout the slot game community.

The new Noah’s Ark slot game will be completely built around the theme of Noah’s Ark. The animals from the ship plus the ark itself are the symbols. The Jack, Queen, King, and Ace symbols fill out the game board. Players are sure to enjoy the huge variety of animals used in this game. Alligators, Ostriches, Zebras, Hippos, and other beautiful creatures make appearances in the game. A giant ark appears in the background to complete the theme. IGT gaming has managed to fully realize the Noah’s Ark theme.

A great theme is critical for any slot game, but the gameplay is even more vital. Players want to enjoy the game and feel like they have an opportunity to win. Noah’s Ark features three rows and five columns, allowing for thirty different pay lines. Each symbol can lead to a different level of payout. The most lucrative symbol is the Noah’s Ark symbol. The ark serves as the wild symbol, and getting five arks on a pay line pays 10,000 coins. Players should be excited about the opportunity that having the ark symbol on the board allows.

IGT gaming cares deeply about the diversity within the slot playing community. There are big spenders and there are budget players. Noah’s Ark allows both groups to have a great time. Players can bet as much as $10 on a pay line or as little as a penny. By allowing players to decide their bets, IGT has made Noah’s Ark welcoming to players of all backgrounds.

Noah’s Ark is a fairly simple slot game, but IGT has incorporated some additional features to keep players engaged. The wild symbol is always a popular way to add excitement to a slot game. Players love having an increased chance to win, and wild symbols create a sense that anything could happen. The Noah’s Ark symbol serves as the wild symbol in this game, and it keeps the player engaged. If you earn a prize using the wild symbol, then you receive double the prize.

Noah’s Ark also includes a scatter symbol. The dove serves as the scatter piece, and it appears on the middle reels. If five Doves appear on the board, then the Raining Free Spins feature activates. This feature grants the player free spins, and the board becomes more lucrative.

Noah’s Ark has incorporated the new split symbols feature to make things more exciting. The split symbols feature allows two of a symbol to appear in a single block. So a space might have two lions or two hippos in it. These symbols make sense because the animals arrived on the ark in a two by two line. Split symbols count as two, so if you have three spaces occupied by split lion symbols, then it pays out as if you had six lions. The dove symbol can also be split, which leads to even more Scatter opportunities. The addition of split symbols to the game increases overall excitement and payouts. The split symbols feature is fairly new, but IGT is confident that players will catch on once they try the game out.

IGT gaming loves producing the best possible slot games. Their games are found in hundreds of online casinos, and some physical casinos. IGT is shipping Noah’s Ark out soon, so players should see the game in their favorite casinos. Hopefully, players will enjoy simulating the most epic story in the bible, and maybe they’ll even win some money.