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The slot gaming industry is never slow and never dull. Millions of people love to wager their money on all manner of different themed slots. Some are based in classic pop culture themes and others have a modern flare. Two new big announcements in the slots realm should capture attention of those who love nostalgia and the brand new.

Konami’s announcement of a Frogger slot game should really bring back memories of the 1980’s. Frogger debuted as an arcade game with a very simple concept. A frog has to cross a road. The job is not so easy since the road was loaded with hazards. Among those hazards would be cars raging at high speed. The hero, Frogger, has to leap out of the way – back and forth – until the road is crossed. Early Atari versions of the home game were incredibly popular as well. Frogger is not a forgotten game among fans with long memories.

Those who have not played the classic Frogger game in many years are sure to enjoy trying out the slot game that brings the legendary frog back to the gaming world. The adults who played Frogger when younger now have a chance to play the game in a casino slot gaming version.

One of the fun features of the Frogger slot game is the original version of Frogger pops up on the screen. This is part of an interesting bonus feature that appears when the right combo of symbols on the screen. So, the new slot version of Frogger actually includes a return to the old version of the game.

Frogger is not available in a huge number of casinos as the game is slowly being rolled out. The game is available in a limited number of debut locations such as the San Manuel Casino Indian Bingo & Casino establishment.

So far, reports are quite excellent. Players are extremely thrilled with the Frogger game and the slot is shaping up to be a hit. This bodes well for the world of slot gaming since the popularity of Frogger shows slot gaming is able to continually draw in players.

In other news, Ellen DeGeneres’s slot game has made its debut. International Game Technology as produced the slot game and it is called The Ellen DeGeneres Show™ Have a Little Fun Today Slots. Yes, the name is quite long but the lengthy name does get all the points fans of the talk show host/comedian will find interesting.

The game has gone live on the company’s DoubleDown Casino platform. The DoubleDown Casino is part of a social gaming program. This means people play for fun. No money is wagered on a social gaming platform.

Ellen DeGeneres is a wildly popular media figure. The presence of her name on a slot game – or any type of game – is sure to draw people to the social gaming platform. Although no one is wagering money at the casino, the establishment may still generate revenues through advertising and other forms of monetization. For the player, however, everything remains social. No one has to put any money up to play.

The development of the game was not done exclusively by IGT. Ellen Digital Ventures played a major role in the process. Yes, Ellen DeGeneres has her own development and production company to help develop and produce digital media. Digital media and gaming draw in millions of enthusiastic participants. Ellen Digital Ventures obviously sees a lot of great value in becoming involved with the social casino world.

The game was released on May 13, 2016. Accessing the casino and the game is easy. Just download the necessary app and take advantage of it. Both mobile and desktop systems can access the app and put it to use. By “use”, it is meant players can have a lot of fun while playing.

The game positively will be fun for players thanks to the extensive five-reel, 75-payline setup that features sounds and images from Ellen’s show. Fans of Ellen and her daytime talk show are sure to find the new slot game to be an enjoyable way to spend a little time winning virtual money with no chance of losing any real dollars.