New York Casinos Coming Along Smoothly?
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When people think of casinos on the East Coast chances are good that Atlantic City is the area that comes to mind. However, while Massachusetts casinos are back in the news it also seems that several new casinos are going to be approved for New York very shortly.

What’s Going On In New York?

While New York State isn’t unfamiliar with casinos and the things that come with them, they haven’t been allowed in upstate New York in the past. At the present time though there are plenty of conversations going on about how many licenses the state gaming board is going to hand out, and where the new casino projects are going to be physically located.

How Many Casinos Are Being Built?

There are currently four separate proposals on the table, and three regional meetings scheduled to talk about other potential projects. There will be a meeting in Albany to talk about casino projects that may come to the state’s Capital Region, and there will be meetings in Poughkeepsie to discuss projects that might come to the Catskills and the Hudson Valley region. The last meeting is set to take place in Ithaca, and it will discuss possible projects coming to the Southern Tier and Finger Lakes region of the state.

An Open, Honest Dialogue

In addition to hearing the proposals put forth by those who want to build new casino projects, the New York State gambling officials are also listening to what the residents of areas that will be affected by these projects have to say. For instance, while supporters are arguing that these projects will bring economic success and prosperity, residents in Rensselaer County protested the Capital View casino project that was going to be built in East Greenbush. There is a back and forth between various parties at this point, and individuals who want their voices heard are making sure that the commission weighs what is going to happen.

What Will This Mean For Online Casinos?

One of the reasons that physical casinos have not been as big a draw for New York state residents is that online gambling is perfectly legal there. Even now, with all of these projects being discussed, no actions have been taken to limit online gambling. However, it’s silly to think that if several, massive casinos are built then that won’t have some kind of effect on the online gambling scene for those in New York.

The question that most people are wondering though is what will that effect look like?

On the one hand physical casinos could take away some of the business for online casinos. On the other hand they could lead to a lot of new bonus deals and offers being made to keep loyal players and lure new ones into joining an online casino. It’s even possible that physical casinos may branch out and offer online gambling options as well, just to cement their place in New York’s gambling culture. Right now people are waiting to see what happens.