New York Online Gambling Law

When one is considering making an outing into the world of online gambling in New York, as with any given brick and mortar gambling establishment in the state, it is important to know and understand the latest legislation as pertains to the particular county or state. Before even looking up any poker regulations make sure the online site you have selected to play on is legally licensed to operate in the world of gambling. In addition, a good reputation doesn’t hurt either. Now, on to the rules, regulations and other things gamers collectively groan with exasperation to hear!

Firstly, the basics, New York law currently describes gambling to be any action that risks something of value (what is and is not of value is never clearly defined, so there is much room open to interpretation). It further states that this thing of value be wagered on a as yet to happen outcome which is beyond the control of the person wagering the thing of value. This only is considered to be gambling if the definition is then furthered stretched to amend that this previously described action be taking place with the foreknowledge of a prospective reward of something else “of value,” should that uncertain outcome occur in the partaker’s favor. Bit of a mouthful but it is important to understand the definition of gambling in the legal sense otherwise anything law-wise pertaining to it that you know will be next to useless.

The State of New York also has a peculiar law which states that there can be no criminal penalties directed towards players whom participate only as players in a online gambling game. They may however acquire other charges stemming from these activities, such as tax evasion, but they cannot be charged simply for playing, even in a illegal game. Online gambling is very poorly regulated in the state of New York and very few regulations have been passed in order to control it, this despite the massive popularity of online poker in the state itself. Currently there are no state regulated online gambling operations in the state of New York. This is not to be confused with meaning that there are no legal online gambling sites (because there are many), there is simply no state regulation of these legally licensed online gambling avenues. One of the reasons for this lack of regulation and oversight of online gambling is due to the fact that the local legislation has been far too currently focused on traditional brick and mortar casino monitoring and rule making, as it is currently a rather hot issue in the state.

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