North Carolina Cherokee Gambling On A $110 Casino On Its Southwestern Tip

The North Carolina Cherokee have a beautiful casino hidden up in the mountains of North Carolina that takes quite a while for anyone to access, but the casino is a major moneymaker for the tribe. The tribe has turned around its economic future with the casino, but the tribe is looking at adding another casino that is going to be a bit easier to get to. This new casino is going to add accessibility to a nation that has put together a gaming empire that supports arts and local craftsmen in the region. The Cherokee nation is unique in the way it manages its casinos, and a new casino is going to help the nation make more money. There are are considerations that must be made, but the nation as a whole is in good position to make a change.

Where Will The Casino Go?

The casino is going to be located in the southwestern tip of North Carolina. That tip of North Carolina is easy for people from South Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia to access. The new casino is going to be much closer to people from Atlanta, and the Atlanta market is the largest for the casino business. The Cherokee need to get as many people from Atlanta coming to their properties, and the new casino will make the Cherokee nation easier for city dwellers in Atlanta to find.

Will They Lose Business?

The Cherokee are considering how much business their original casino is going to lose when they build their new casino. The new casino is going to be much easier for many people to get to, and the original casino may begin to suffer unless the Cherokee nation can do something to make sure that the original casino gets more business. A new marketing plan is going into place, and the new casino will target a different customer base than the original casino.

The location of the original casino makes it easy for people from North Carolina, Virginia and northern states to reach. The new casino will be closer to Georgia and Alabama, and the Cherokee will find new customers in the lower southern states who have to forgo gambling altogether.

They Are The Only Game In Town

The Cherokee are the only game in town when it comes to Las Vegas-style casinos in the south. There are racetracks in Florida, but there are no casinos. South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee do not have any casinos at all, and these states are the target of the new casino. The Cherokee are confident that they can be the only game in town for every state that surrounds them.

New Jobs

There are many jobs in the casino that will be taken up people who are not tribe members. The members of the tribe are receiving a percentage of the funds from the casino, and the people in the surrounding county are the ones who need jobs the most. The poverty rate is very high around the location of the new casino, and the Cherokee believe that they can create more jobs in the area quickly. A casino is a large operation that must be staffed by hundreds of people around the clock, and there are up to 900 new jobs that will be created by the new casino.

Expanding Their Audience In This Economy

The Cherokee are looking for a way to increase gambling spending in the aftermath of the recent recession. Spending on Indian reservations was only up 2% after 2014, and the spending must rise more for the tribes to keep up with their costs. The casinos are expensive to run, and the casinos must provide a better experience for their audience. The people who left the casinos to save money must come back when they find the new casino to be more affordable. A slightly smaller development will help customers save money, and people who have never been to the casino can go for the first time.

Meeting The Demands Of The New Economy

The Cherokee nation supports tens of thousands of people with the funds from these casinos, and the revenue sharing that goes on is expected to help build schools, support families and provide services. Indian nations that are using casinos to make money are not rich by any measure, and the casinos have to perform as well as possible to provide the money that is needed for the tribes to function in the future.

Previous Expansion

The Cherokee have focused on expansion in the past, and their facilities in the River Valley are the huge, and these facilities are some of the most interesting in the world. The wilderness theme that is used in their casino is one that will be used in the new casino, but the Cherokee need to stop expanding so that they can find a new way to get people back to the casinos overall. There are so many customers who have not been reached yet, and the Cherokee know that they must do something to find these customers before the customers decide to simply fly to Vegas to have a good time.

The Beauty

The beauty of the Cherokee Nation is the draw for most people, and the people that are coming up to the mountains for the first time will never want to leave. The Cherokee know that they can find a way to make sure that people are making their way up to North Carolina by building a casino that is closer. The closer casino is going to give people the same experience, but the proximity to large cities like Atlanta, Chattanooga and Knoxville is going to change the fortunes of the Cherokee people forever.

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