North Carolina, Online Gambling Laws

Some of the most popular online betting games in North Carolina are poker, casino style games, and bingo websites. Sport teams also are very important to the residents of the Tarheel state. While technically it is illegal to do so, betting on college basketball and other professional teams is practically a religion in this part of the country.

In North Carolina, there are actually no laws in place that govern the wide practice of online gambling. The only crimes they seriously might try to prosecute in this state are done by those individuals residing in North Carolina who operate online gambling websites. People who only want to go online to make wagers or play prize money games are free to do so. The state does require a resident to be at the legal age of 18 to play some betting games, and of age 21 to play others. Those are the only limitations pertaining to online gambling for residents of the state currently.

In regards to express internet prohibition there are none existing in North Carolina. However there is a gray area because there are statues in place for other types of gambling. There may not be a specific law in place regarding online gambling, however it does not necessarily make the practice legal in the eyes of the police or the court. There could be crimes charged on a situation to situation basis.

In 2009, Barney Frank proposed a bill that would regulate and tax online gambling to create revenue from it and set up guidelines. The issue was not receptive at first. When it did become a seriously heard issue, arguments arose over interpretation of the Wire Act in the justice department. In 2011, Senator Reid and Senator Kyl wrote a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder regarding regulating online poker. It has been a slow moving controversial issue.

In 2014 there are three states which currently have legalized and regulated online poker playing. These states are Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware. Unfortunately the tax revenue generated has not been to enough to make successful arguments for other states to want to try to follow suit any time soon.

While there is no specific legislation dealing with online gambling in North Carolina it is probably wise to stay on the safe side. Individuals can play on offshore websites to stay legal. It may also be wise not to bet on sports teams as that is prohibited. Know the risks, and good luck gambling!

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