NYX Gaming and CaesarCasino.com Sign Partnership And a Potentially Long-term Relationship

Las Vegas based gaming network provider, NYX Gaming Group has announced its partnership with the famous online casino website, CaesarCasino.com. According to the official statement released in mid-September, NYX Gaming has partnered with CaesarCasino.com by offering it 40 popular online casino titles. These casino games will be integrated into the current lineup at CaesarCasino.com. The deal is particularly significant in the sense that it allows CaesarCasino.com to extend its online game offering to latest versions of Android and iOS based Mobile Phones.

The full functionality provided through open game system of NYX Gaming division enables online casinos to enhance gaming experience allowing users to play, pay and cash-out using a user-friendly online interface. Marco Ceccarelli, the head of technology at Caesar, was thrilled at the partnership because it allows the company to target a broader segment of tech-savvy consumers. He disclosed that the package of 40 slot games is built on open-game system, and they will be licensed under New Jersey laws. Experts had already predicted a deal as both parties were involved in a string of meeting prior to this deal.

As for NYX Gaming, the deal is yet another reminder of how the company is expanding its customer base across North America. Historically, the company is known to offer its 300 gaming titles on open gaming system to the largest casinos in North America. However, this is the first time that it has entered into a long-term partnership with a dominant player in New Jersey market. As the hub of East Coast gambling market, partnership with CaesarCasino.com is bound to provide stable revenues in the future. Besides, Marco Ceccarelli has also hinted that Caesar Group is looking to add a regular stream of online slots built on open gaming network. If true, both companies may sign more deals in the near future.

What makes this deal special is the reputation of both companies in their respective markets. For instance NYX Gaming is known for its open gaming solutions, which are deployed in the best casinos around the world, particularly Las Vegas. The company continues to thrive amid its innovative business model that allows its subsidiaries to work independently. Despite its presence in Las Vegas, the development of gaming system takes place in Sydney and Stockholm. Its subsidiary, NYX Poker Network is world-famous for offering fully integrated solutions for traditional and online poker market. In contrast, NextGen Gaming is the game development arm of the group, which is perhaps the most popular brand offering a multitude of repeat-play slots to casinos. Similarly, NYX Interactive is the premier technology provider to members of World Lottery Association. Using its open platform system, NYX Interactive provides transparent solutions for managing and evaluating casino transactions. Accordingly, the current partnership between NYX Gaming and CaesarCasino.com is built around the intelligent open gaming system, which allows casino operators to license NYX Gaming products without long-term commitments.

Similarly, CaesarCasino.com is a subsidiary of Caesar Interactive Entertainment, which is one of the largest companies focusing on online, mobile and social gaming. The network is owned by Las Vegas based Caesars Entertainment Corporation and Caesars Acquisition Company. The well-known Caesars Entertainment Corporations owns more than 50 high-worth casinos in the United States operating under various brands. Together, they make one of the most diversified casino operators in the US-casino entertainment industry. Perhaps, the most famous offering of CaesarCasino.com is the World Series of Poker. By partnering with online technology providers, Caesars Entertainment succeeded in creating the most popular online betting event in the world with prize money in Millions of US dollars. The current line-up at CaesarCasino.com includes popular table games including blackjack, video poker, roulette and slots. All of these games are 100% regulated, and rewards can be reaped around 40 casinos around the world. In fact, CaesarCasino.com prides itself in offering games that are approved for real money gaming by New Jersey authorities. In addition, total progressive ticker on the main website also offers a full-view of the current winnings by players.

For NYX Gaming, financial results are very positive due to a variety of new signings after the rollout of open gaming system. Industry pundits also acknowledged NYX strategy of hiring top managers from the other firms and using them to abridge trade gaps. One such example is hiring of Leon Thomas, Managing Director of US Business, who worked at Caesar Group. It is claimed that Thomas is the man behind the deal between NYX Gaming and Caesar Interactive Entertainment as he persuaded the current management to undertake the initiative. The last quarterly results also offer signs of progress as NYX Gaming reported a 44 percent increase in their revenue compared to similar quarter in the last year. As of 2015, NYX Gaming has revenues exceeding $10.7 Million. Yet, this is not the end because the current management is on the lookout for more deals. Already, 12 new contracts are guaranteed in the coming months; while 28 contracts are in pipeline after the introduction of open gaming system.

The current partnership with CaesarCasino.com is likely to be fruitful as both CaesarCasino.com and its parent company, Caesars Entertainment Interactive, is also financially strong. CaesarCasino.com has firm footholds in New Jersey and the United Kingdom. It is among few legalized online casino operators in both jurisdictions. The company recorded revenues of $186 million compared to $145 Million a year earlier due to focus on converting and monetization efforts. As a result, operational profits soared to $54 Million compared to $3 Million loss in 2014. If the current partnership holds, it is very likely that the NYX Gaming may continue to sign more contracts with CaesarCasino.com.

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