Ohio Online Gambling Law

Gambling laws are extremely complicated in the Ohio state legislative system. An individual must go a step further then state statutes to fully comprehend the full legality of the online gaming system within the state.

Nationwide many states offer a formal definition of online gambling within the state itself, unfortunately Ohio is one of the few states who do not. Instead, potential consumers of the online gambling system can gather a more formal and distinct definition by examining the state’s misdemeanor charge of gambling. Section 2915.02 of the Ohio state constitution explains that individuals can be charged with an offense if any “scheme or game of chance is a substantial source of income or livelihood.” It would appear that the state of Ohio frowns heavily upon those individuals who make a living out of gambling, not simply the run of the mill individuals who play occasionally. While the online gambling component within the state is growing considerably the state legislature has yet to set up regulations on online gaming activity within the state. The lack of legislation on this does not mean online gambling is illegal in the state, rather it is quite legal as long as it remains within the barriers of Ohio land based gambling laws. An individual will simply not find any online gambling systems licensed by the Ohio state government.

Luckily for those Ohio residents they are able to enjoy online gambling within their home home state. Potential players must check other state regulations though when trying to gamble virtually through other states. Some states allow Ohio residents to participate in their virtual system while others do not. This changes from state to state and warrants consumers to be aware and educated of state specific regulations.

The Ohio Casino Control Commission controls the basic guidelines for all land gambling within the state. Of course since the state has no current online gambling regulations at this time it does not contain a vast array of information regarding online gaming. Consumers using virtual gambling in Ohio simply must abide by the current legal system already in place for the land based casinos within the state.

While specific regulations are currently not in place for the Ohio virtual gaming system,it is still the consumer’s responsibility to understand and respect the boundaries previously made standard within the state. With booming gambling opportunities within the area we might expect to see new legislation being created to meet the demands of the growing virtual gambling market.

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