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Online Casino News in Singapore
A recent anti-gambling television ad by the Singapore National Council on Problem Gambling involving the World Cup was aired in Singapore and eventually all over the world. The ad starts with a group of teenage boys discussing their World Cup predictions.

When asked whom he is rooting for, one boy’s sad answer was Germany because his gambling-addicted father betted all of his savings online on the country. What is ironic is the fact that Germany actually did win against Brazil during the semi-finals earlier this week. The ad has been a brunt of jokes from all over the world; it was even aired during the playoffs at halftime! Popular U.S. talk show host Jimmy Fallon cracked jokes about the boy no longer having to worry about expenses for the rest of his life.
On a more serious note, The National Council on Problem Gambling holds programs to protect gambling addicts and their families that involve limiting online deposits and even freezing accounts of players who gamble far too much.

Online Casino News in the U.K.
There may be a new online gambling tax coming to the U.K. The “point of consumption” tax (POC) should go into effect 01DEC of 2014 and the tax will serve as additional revenue for the country. For every online bet made in the U.K., a 15% tax will be applied. Spectators believe the new tax will bring in nearly £300million a year to Britain. Taxing online bets will improve the current regulating position, states the U.K. Gambling Commission. The one issue some experts believe will occur is the infractions of betting on games in other nations, especially the U.S. There may be concerns of breaches in contracts and regulations to tax on foreign games.

More Online Casino News in the U.K.
Net Entertainment and, two of the largest online casino companies in the world, recently came to a joint business decision. has accepted to use some of Net Entertainment’s arsenal of online casino games for their online platform, media sources are reporting. is one of the top online casino companies and ever and the joint venture will only better solidify both companies as major players in the business. Chief of GMO at Net Entertainment Bjorn Krantz states the inclusion of Net Entertainment games will be beneficial for both companies’ portfolios for customers and potential stakeholders. The hope is for these new games to improve’s gaming profile to new and existing customers. Some of the new games include Starburst, Twin Spin and Gonzo’s Quest.

More Online Casino News in the U.K.
In due time, customers interested in Google Glass will be able to place sports bets with the glasses. Google Glass was first introduced to the world in the U.S. in 2012 but it was not until recently that it was reintroduced with the ability to use programs through the eye. Betfair, the company behind the Google Glass, developed the glasses with the ability to see sports events and bet on them just by viewing them. The mobile online sport betting and gambling features at have been condensed to fit into the eyewear, says Betfair product innovation director Alex Deacon. The product was introduced on the company’s television show but customers interested in purchasing the glasses will have to wait a few more months before it hits consumer stores.

Online Casino News in Sweden
For the second time in two months, online casino Net Entertainment paid another player. The 62-year old from Karlstad is the second millionaire to be paid by Net Entertainment at winnings of €5.6million. This makes the second largest pay out from an online gambling company in Sweden ever. This second millionaire played Unibet Casino to win his mega earnings. Senior management of Net Entertainment says more winnings and higher winnings are coming. They place much of the winner’s success in the popularity of Net Entertainment’s arsenal of games. The largest payout ever from Unibet Casino came from a play on Mega Fortune, with a payout of €17.9million back in January 2013.

Online Casino News in Germany
Jumbo Interactive is now allowing all 16 states in Germany to purchase online lottery tickets. Building revenue for all of Germany to purchase lottery tickets online is priority to the company. Jumbo Interactive has shop set up all over the world but this is a first time venture in Germany. When the right amount of revenue is generated through online lottery tickets, Jumbo Interactive will be a far more globally competitive casino company. The company recently established online web lottery tickets in Mexico with the hopes of generating revenue in the 118 million inhabitants of the nation. Jumbo Interactive’s Australian market is already showing promise. Its Aussie market has shown 4% in growth for 2014 alone.

Online Casino News in the U.S.
Former U.S. Rep Connie Mack, IV of Florida has teamed up with casino tycoon Sheldon Adelson to lobby against online gaming. Adelson has moral concerns about online gaming and betting and the effect it has on his traditional brick and mortar casino houses. The bill that they are creating is supported by Sen. Lindsay Graham of South Carolina as well. Adelson is well known to the political arena. Over the years, he has donated millions of dollars in donations to various GOP candidates. Additionally, lobbying against moral issues in politics is another topic he is not new to either. Adelson recently donated $2.5million to various groups in Florida that are against the legalization of medical marijuana or recreational marijuana.

More Online Casino News in the U.S.
The U.S. Powerball lottery game is currently worth more than $122 million as of Wednesday July 9th. The Powerball is the second largest lottery game worldwide and maintains the record for largest first prize winnings in the history of lottery games. What makes the sales for this Powerball unique is mostly due to the revenue from online purchases of lottery tickets. Online gambling is still new, but many people are still taking advantage of the services provided. Purchasing lottery tickets online gives the customer the ease of betting their wishes of being a millionaire from the comfort of their home computer. Gone are the days when folks had to drive to the nearest 7-11 to fill out those red and white lottery tickets! Additionally, online lottery tickets can be purchased by U.S. and non-U.S. residents.

Online Casino News in Cambodia
Gambling regulators across Cambodia may start implementing stricter rules to online gaming in the southeast Asian country. The main regulation would propose implementing a tax on smaller regions in the country that bring in customers from larger regions of the country, where gambling, on or offline, is more operational. This also applies to areas where gambling is only legalized to a certain degree, similar to the gambling laws in more industrialized nations like the U.S. or Great Britain. Regulators in Cambodia are also trying to honker down on sports betting, making it an attractive feature for larger casino houses that have no choice but to operate under many licenses and regulations. Allowing legalized sports betting would attract more customers, particularly tourists from western countries. The legislation, if passed, would undoubtedly affect many of Cambodia’s small online and offline casinos.

Online Casino News in China
All forms of gambling, on and offline, are illegal in China, with the exception of the Macau province. Earlier this month, 68 people were sentence to prison for being involved with gambling in the Guangdong province. The sentences ranged from 1 year in jail to 9 years in prison. From 2008 to 2013, these 68 individuals used online gambling sites to get customers to place bets. The total amount of illegal bets from this time was $78 billion, according to Chinese news agency, Xinhua. The bust was the largest ever in the communist country.

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