Online Craps Game Rules

Craps is a game of chance that is played on a table with a pair of dice. When playing online, an image of a table is provided. The play will always begin with the roll of the dice. The player uses the table to place the bets he wants enforced for every roll. There are many different wagering opportunities available on the board and each one has a specific payoff.

Possible Outcomes
There are 36 possible outcomes on each roll of two dice.

  • 2 = 1-1
  • 3 = 1-2, 2-1
  • 4 = 1-3, 3-1 (easy ways), 2-2 (hard way)
  • 5 – 1-4, 4-1, 2-3, 3-2
  • 6 = 1-5, 5-1, 2-4, 4-2 (easy ways), 3-3 (hard way)
  • 7 = 1-6. 6-1. 2-5. 5-2, 3-4, 4-3
  • 8 = 2-6, 6-2, 3-5, 5-3 (easy ways), 4-4 (hard way))
  • 9 = 3-6, 6-3, 4-5, 5-4
  • 10 = 4-6, 6-4 (easy ways), 5-5 (hard way)
  • 11 = 5-6, 6-5
  • 12 = 6-6

The Odds
Prior to playing the game of craps, players need to understand the unique odds related to each bet on the table. Here is a listing of the most common bets and the most common odds available at each online casino.

  • Pass Line and Don’t Pass Line – (1:1)
  • Field Bets – (1:1) on 3,4,9,10,11 and (2:1) on 2,12
  • Place Bets on 4 & 10 – (9:5)
  • Place Bets on 5 & 9 – (7:5)
  • Place Bets on 6 & 8 – (6:5)
  • Hard Way 6 & 8 – (9:1)
  • Hard Way 4 & 10 – (7:1)
  • Snake Eyes (2) & Box Cars (12) – (30:1)
  • Craps (3) & Yo (11) – (15:1)

Note: There are a variety of other bets on the table. These are the most common plays. For further information regarding payouts, all casinos have the pertinent information available under “help”.

The Come-Out Roll
Every sequence begins with the come-out roll. Before the dice can be rolled, the player is required to place their initial wager. The player chooses the denomination of chips they wish to wager with, knowing the denomination can be changed at anytime. In many online casinos, the initial bet is required to be placed on the “pass” line or “don’t pass” line. Others only require some type of action to begin the sequence.

Pass, Come, Don’t Pass Line and Don’t Pass Bets
On a pass line bet, the player automatically wins if a 7 or 11 appears. They automatically lose if a 2, 3 or 12 appears. If any other number appears, that number becomes the “point”. If that same number reappears before a 7 comes up on the dice, pass line bets will win and don’t pass bets will lose. This is called making the point. If a 7 appears before the point, the don’t pass wagers win and the pass line wagers lose. “Come” bets are treated the same as pass line bets, except they are made after the come-out roll. This is sometimes referred to as “getting another point”. After the roll, the bet is moved to the physical number, but they still pay 1:1 just like a pass line bet.

On a don’t pass line bet, the player wins if 2 or 3 appears. They lose if 7 or 11 appears. If a point is established, the player wins if 7 appears before the point and loses if the point appears first. Subsequent don’t pass bets are also available in a place different place on the table other than the don’t pass line.

Place Bets
Each sequence will continue until the point is made or the roll craps out with a 7. At anytime, the player has the ability to place bets on any of the options on the table. These subsequent wagers are called place bets. There are two types of place bets:
Single-roll Bets – These bets are applicable to the current roll of the dice only. These are usually located in the middle of the table.
Multi-roll Bets – The bets stay on the table until the roll craps out with a 7, a win is made, or hard way numbers come down if the easy way counterpart should appear first.

Taking or Laying Odds
Once a point has been made, players have the ability to “take” odds on that point if they made a pass line bet. This is a separate wager and is done by placing the chips behind the pass line bet. Most casinos allow this bet to be up to 2X the amount wagered on the pass line. The odds are paid as follows; 2:1 on 4 & 10, 7.5:5 on 5 & 9, and 6.5:5 on 6 & 8. Come bets are treated the same way.

If the player bet on the don’t pass line, they can make an additional bet as well, but they are required to “lay” the odds instead of taking them. These payouts are; 1:2 on 4 & 10, 5:7.5 on 5 & 9, and 5:6.5 on 6 & 8.

Specific Online Rules
If a player hits a winning multi-roll place bet, some online casinos return the winnings plus the original bet. This forces the player to re bet if he wants the action. Other casinos payout the winnings, but leave the original bet in place. As far as wagering limits are concerned, each online casino establishes their own minimums and maximums.

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