Online Gambling and the Addictive Personality

The internet is on a high and because of people’s fascination with the world-wide-web; it has opened many doors to new addictions. The internet has a so much to offer a person from games to gambling and everything in between. Those who had an addiction at a land-based casino now have the opportunity to get into trouble right in their own home. Internet gambling problems are on the rise thanks to access being available anywhere and anytime. From smartphones to televisions, you can get a signal just about anywhere, which means a quick gambling game is always right at your fingertips. This can be dangerous for those who are addicted to gambling. At least in the days of old you had to get in your car and drive to a casino, now you don’t have any obstacles in your way.

2,500 Gambling Sites

The latest report, according to Petry & Weinstock, stated that there were more than 2,500 online gambling sites for people to get involved with. The real problem is that anyone can access these websites without issue. College students to youth, anyone with a credit card can get in and play a game or two. That means that youngsters can pretend to be their parents and utilize their parents’ credit accounts to play. There is no protection on the online based sites like there is in a land-based place. Most casinos that have physical establishments have people checking ID and will reject anyone under age. The internet doesn’t have the ability to be as resourceful. All they can do is ask the person to verify birthday and click a button to enter. Any kid who is wise can get beyond those security features.

There are many reasons why people gamble online. First, it’s easy access. You don’t have to drive across town and face the traffic. Your home is relatively safe and you don’t have to worry about being robbed or carrying cash. Also, you can have the money put right into your checking account and your winnings are safe through electronic transfer. Some gamble for therapy and others do it out of boredom. However, it doesn’t matter what the real reason, the fact is that it can become a big issue really quickly.

What Type Of People Are Addicted To Online Gambling?

If you think that it’s just those sassy seniors who sit around gambling online all day long think again. College students are the ones who have the greatest influence on the market. Yet, they are the ones that are the most likely to have a gambling problem. Being in college is expensive and it takes real money to be able to keep up with all the demands of being away from home. Not every student has a parent that can give them money when they need it. So many are responsible for their own well-being and turn to the internet hoping to make a quick buck. College students need cash and going online is an easy way to accomplish this. Sports’ betting is also a popular choice among the college age group. The fact that they can gamble anytime they want, 24/7, is both a blessing and a curse. There are many college campuses that have gambling addiction support groups. This just shows how intense the problem has really become.

The college crowd also has a great familiarity with computer systems. Unlike the older generation who still prefer the land-based casinos; these younger folks know their way around technology. They can gamble from their smartphone, watch or tablet. Wherever they can get a connection, they have found a way to check their stats and place a bet. Accessibility makes it easier for them to get into real trouble real quick. There are many warning signs that state the college student who starts gambling early in life will likely have a problem well into adulthood. It’s an addiction as bad as drugs or alcohol and it’s hard to stop it once you start. There is help available, though, and it is an addiction that can be overcome with assistance.

How The Government Weighs In

The US Government is aware of the issues that surround online gambling. They passed a law that makes banks ineligible to fund online gambling. So gambling on a federal level is illegal. But, these new rules also enforce the rules that have already been in place for some time. The controversies regarding the subject of online gambling is well-known. They are unable to accurately monitor the flow of money on the internet’s boards. There is often a question about whose jurisdiction it falls under, and they want a better system that can implement both regulation and taxation. All of these problems are big trouble for internet gambling as far as the government see, but the unclear lines offers many flexibilities for the gambler.

Warning Signs of Addiction

Those that have a gambling addiction usually have other psychological problems too. An addictive personality usually is associated with psychological disorders. The computer adds another dimension to pathological gambling. People feel a sense of isolation and fantasy and that can be part of the attraction to the addiction. Online gambling can lead to relationship problems, financial problems, and the repercussions can be severe. This new area of expertise is one that psychologists are just beginning to tackle.

Though some treatments are in place, the appropriate treatment method for addictions is still in the research phases. Those that are being utilized for traditional gambling are being used for internet gambling too with some success. However, every person is different so it is important to address the underlying issues before tackling its manifestation.

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  1. Nothing can be done to stop adults from gambling but online casinos should take some measures to stop the kids from gambling. Parents should provide enough money to their college going children so that they will not turn towards gambling to make easy money for their expenditure. Every new invention comes with a blessing and a curse, online gambling if played properly is a blessing otherwise a curse.

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