Online Gambling in Illinois – The Debate that Won’t Die

Lawmakers are still having trouble getting rid of the argument that won’t die all across the United States. “Bring back online casinos,” is the mantra everyone who at one time in the not too distant past enjoyed the benefits and fun of being able to access their favorite games at a moment’s notice in the comfort of their own homes is chanting. Lawmakers are having to waver on their stance, and it looks like the effects of Black Friday (the day online gambling was shut down in the U.S.) are finally breaking down.

The Big Fight for Online Gaming in the U.S.

In the past several years there have been a lot of efforts to pass legislation to allow online gambling. The biggest block to getting it all re-opened is the Federal regulation that does not allow cross state gambling. Unlike most of the world (and at one time the U.S) who is unfettered by the location of their online gambling establishment, wherever online gambling is now allowed, or will be in the future, the website must originate from within the state that it is being used by the player. That is a tough order for online activities and for all consumers to take since we are all used to global access to everything now.

The second reason that interstate gambling law is troublesome is that it makes the laws regarding online gambling the responsibility of the states themselves rather than an overall Federal issue. The good news is that several U.S. states have legalized online gambling again, and even with the location restrictions, are managing to make a go of the new method of operation.

Online Gaming Coming Back to Illinois?

Is Illinois going to follow suit? Most Illinoisans would shake their head and say it wasn’t likely. We’re pretty used to a slow moving political machine. However, it looks like that might not be the case entirely in regards to online gaming. New comments from the capital are very promising, even if they do not automatically open up the industry to us gamers yet. Illinois, once adamantly against online gaming making a return, is not totally against it anymore. The state Senate President is saying only that online gambling must wait until land-based casino expansions are settled.

The Right Direction for Pro-Online Gambling Laws

These comments are at least a positive step in the right direction. Land-based casinos are growing at an almost unprecedented rate here in the Land of Lincoln. When they start building, it is usually fast and furious. Land-based casinos are a cash cow for the state, and it is now beginning to recognize that, and that online casinos could be a goldmine too. It’s about time.

Recently the Senate President admitted that online gambling in Illinois is inevitable. Now the issue is whether Illinois Governor Pat Quinn will live up to his former statement of being open to considering online gambling in a favorable light if a troubled budget issue with state pensions were resolved. A pension reform bill was recently signed in December of 2013. While many online gaming enthusiasts felt the Governor’s original claim was a weak attempt to side-step the issue and evade dealing with their desire to open up the world of online gaming in Illinois again, now it’s time to see if the Governor will live up to the statement he made.

In the Meantime in Illinois

There are many online gamblers who are not satisfied with waiting for the government wheels to turn slowly. For them, there are still options. The laws for online gambling in the U.S. are difficult and offer many gray areas. One thing that isn’t gray is that online gambling itself isn’t exactly against the law. The operation of the websites in the U.S. is. So many are turning to popular and well run outside websites to have their fun while waiting for the individual states to get with the program.

There are quite a few very secure and enjoyable online casinos where U.S. players can find all of their favorite games. Because of local laws, the biggest problem for online gamers in Illinois and other states where the online gambling laws have not been worked out as yet is getting money into their online accounts. That is why it is important to work with an online casino that is geared toward making it possible for U.S. players to upload or send money to their account, and get money delivered to them from their winnings.

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  1. Any updates on the current gambling law in Illinois? I suppose there are few changes coming in 2015 from this state.

    What do you guys think?

  2. If regulation forbid interstate online gaming, can they build an international online gaming? Anyone can answer me?

  3. there’s no life without different of another right.

  4. First of all, CONGRATULATIONS ! to those people who really do very efforts to bring back online gambling in their state. Finally online gambling is again legalized now. There is no more black Friday now in the U.S. I know a problem become more voicely when it spread as state rather than Federal.I am very curious to know that how Land-Based Casinos become cash cows for the state? Is it mean that all the USA people are fond of playing games in casinos?

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