Online Gambling Through Mobile Devices In The Arabic World

Many areas of the Arabic speaking world have legal penalties in place for gambling. Often times, these penalties can be quite harsh. The Koran takes a very negative stance towards gambling. There is one exception to this though. Horse racing is considered acceptable to bet on, according to the Koran. Other types of gambling are seen as a sin, and they are prohibited according to Islamic law. However, there are still quite a few gamblers in the Arab world. The practice is surprisingly common considering the harsh penalties and religious beliefs against it. Often times, people who gamble in the Arab world do not do it in person. Instead, they often gamble over the internet. Nowadays, this has become easier to with the advent of mobile devices. In fact, it is possible for someone in the Arab world to gamble online using mobile devices.

Not only is gambling illegal in many nations in the Arabic world, but gambling websites are actually blocked by the state in some areas! For instance, Saudi Arabia puts up a firewall against websites that are deemed illegal. This includes websites where one can gamble. However, in these areas, gamblers have sometimes found ways around the block. With some computer know how, it is possible to circumnavigate the government censorship.

However, if one gets caught doing this, the penalties can often be harsh. For instance, in Saudi Arabia one can be put in jail for as long as 6 months! If one continues to violate the gambling laws, they may get even lengthier sentences! In The United Arab Emirates, it is possible to be jailed for as long as two years on the first offense! These laws also apply to online gambling, if one is caught.

There is one type of betting that is considered more socially acceptable. Betting on horse races is considered acceptable in many areas. Mohammed seemed to approve of betting on horse races. For this reason, this type of betting is much more socially acceptable activity in much of the Arab world. Additionally, it is possible to bet on horse races in the Arab world via the internet. However, despite the koran allowing horse race betting, it is still illegal in some parts of the Arab world.

Furthermore, it could even be possible to gamble on horse races away from home. Through these devices, one could bet on horse races virtually anywhere there is internet service. In many areas of the Arab world, you wouldn’t have to worry about onlookers seeing what you are doing on mobile device, when it comes to horse races! In areas of the Arab world where gambling is legal, horse race betting would be generally socially accepted. Even in areas where horse race betting is not legal, attitudes of laypeople towards horse race betting may be very different than that of other forms of gambling. For instance, in Iraq, gambling is not legal. However, the public is often relatively accepting of betting on horse races.

However, if you are gambling online in public areas using mobile devices, it would be best to keep it discreet. Even in areas where gambling is considered legal, social attitudes tend to be very strongly against it. Many, if not most, citizens of the Arab world take a very strong stance against things that go against the koran. If you are not from the middle east, doing anything that goes against the koran, such as gambling, may be likely to create even stronger negative reactions. Of course, horse race betting is different. The koran is actually approving of horse race betting, and this would not be likely to elicit negative reactions from others. Of course, this would be different in areas where all gambling is illegal.

There also are countries of the Arab world where it would be perfectly legal to do online betting via a mobile device or otherwise. This betting could be on things other than horse races, if you chose. For instance, Morocco has legal gambling. In addition to the casinos, it is possible to do online betting there. Furthermore, there are regions of Morocco that are very economically developed. Thus, there are plenty of places located throughout Morocco where you would have internet access on your mobile device! Also, it is legal to bet in Tunisia.

Tunisia is a muslim nation, but it’s legal system has some similarity to French law. The economy of Tunisia is also fairly advanced. So, there are likely to be plenty of places to tap into wireless hotspots. It is also completely legal to gamble in Egypt. In major cities of Egypt, there are plenty of places where you could find wireless internet networks to access on your mobile device. In more rural areas, there is less economic development. For that reason, you may be out of luck finding wireless access in some parts of Egypt. In Jordan, it is also possible to gamble legally. However, in Jordan, you will actually need to do your gambling online! There are no casinos in Jordan, likely due to the negative social attitudes towards it.

In Jordan, there are many areas where there are Wi-Fi hotspots where you could gamble on mobile devices though. The country is moderately economically developed, and there are many cafes, restaurants, and other public places with internet access. In Lebanon, it is legal to gamble. Lebanon is also an up and coming economically successful nation. This means that it is likely possible to find wireless internet service for your mobile device in many places throughout the country.

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  1. You are correct @admin. I am also from the one of the Muslim country. And I want to share with you that, I have read from many Islamic websites and books that, ‘Gambling is the 14th biggest sin in Islam’. That’s why gambling is officially banned in almost all Muslim countries. Our Laws and orders do not permit us to participate in any kind of gambling activities. But, today I am very surprised/amazed by knowing that, in some Arabic countries, online gambling is legal. And there are wifi hotspot to get Internet Access. Thanks @admin to share about these countries and to share for gambling in Islamic perspectives. I really respect to all religions. And we all should give respect to every religion.

  2. I personally think our activities should not be regulated by any religious book, man should be given liberty to choose what is good and what is bad. If any thing is banned due to religious beliefs then it develops strong attraction for that in one’s mind and he will try to satisfy it by any means. I have read when these Arab’s visit other countries they always go to gamble and drink alcohol(which is also banned). It is good thing that due to internet these people can gamble online either for entertainment or money.

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