Online Gambling TV Advertising a Problem in the United Kingdom

Television advertising of Online Gambling is bringing worry and concern to the United Kingdom. The concerns are being raised by the United Kingdom Gambling Association. Their worry is not that local casinos will lose money. In fact, their worry is that under age children will go online to access these casinos and gamble. There is worry that the Casinos are not looking for proper identification to see if the individual is the legal age to gamble.

Other concerns are for the person who is addicted to gambling. The person has no sense of reason and does not know when to stop gambling because he or she is addicted to it. If allowed to, they might spend all of their money on gambling. In an Online Casino, you cannot go over to the person and tell them they have to leave because you are not seeing them in person. Online casinos need to find a way to make it more secure to gamble online.

They have to be sure without a doubt the gambler is the legal age to gamble. To simply just make them check a box that says they agree to the terms and services and are at least 18 years of age will not work. Without having to show an identification card as proof of age, it is easy to lie and say that you are at least 18 years of age.

Is there cause for their concern? Absolutely, there is cause for concern. These days children of all ages know how to operate a cell phone and a computer. It is a generation of electronics. It would be sad to say, “They do not know how to drive, but they know how to gamble.”

Would it be safe to say that the problem is not just in the United Kingdom or is it a problem that is worldwide. Even, without the television advertisement, it is once again the generation of electronics. Minor children can find the gambling sites just by surfing the internet. Many of them own a Smart Phone these days. Has the parent really picked up the Smart Phone and looked through the Application Store? If they did, they would realize that there are free applications that can be downloaded that have to do with gambling. The Slot Machines is a big one.

Is the United Kingdom too late in jumping on the bandwagon of worrying about minors gambling? I believe they are. Even if through the cell phone applications, the children do not win real money when they gamble, they are being taught the process. This makes it easier for them to find the casinos online and get into them to gamble.

When it comes to seeing the gambling advertising on television, it is probably not anything new to the child. If they have a smart phone and really know to use it, they have probably already tried gambling, even if it was just for fun. If there is an adult in the house that gambles online somewhere and a child sees it, they are seeing it from their own parent. They have been desensitized to gambling. To them it is perfectly normal. They do not realize there can be big consequences to gambling.

The United Kingdom should have started worrying about the Online Casinos when the internet first came around. They should have worried with the very first Online Casino, not many moons later when the Casinos decided to advertise on television. The reality of it all is, even if you prolong the advertisement of Online Casinos on television, they are eventually going to end up there. Everything ends up on television sooner or later. That is just the way it is.

Cigarettes made it to television. Tobacco made it to television. Like it or not, eventually Online Casino television advertising is going to happen. That does not mean that it is the Casino’s responsibility alone to make sure a minor is not gambling. It is also the job of the parents to know what their child is doing and to keep them from gambling when they should not be. The casino, at times already has to put up with irresponsible adults. They should not have to worry about a child getting online to gamble when their parents are supposed to know what their children are doing.

Sure we remember the days when we were children. There were never commercials advertising things like that on television. Times have changed and the generations change with it. They either become desensitized to adult related commercials like that or they are going to try to do what they know for a fact they are not supposed to do. Eventually they are going to get caught. Trying to stop Online Casinos from advertising on television should not be an option especially since you know it is going to happen anyway.

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  1. This two points are really very important and has to be considered how to stop under age online gambling and to have a stop limit for gamling.
    The first issue is more important as it will effect the child in the very early age.

  2. I think people are trap on too many concern.. social, economy, etc.. they concern about pornography, gambling, tax raising etc. They even gave too many concern about how bright their teeth were?? Well… Life is though. In my opinion, when we’re born to this world was the biggest gambling that our parent take.. wether we rich, poor, health or sick.. then why now they concern about online gambling advertising and bla.. bla.. bla..?? just raise and teach your children the best as you can, and the rest, let their faith bring them to real life.

  3. This is really a big problem not only in UK but worldwide not only gambling related tv advertisement is viewed by children but the ease to internet is another problem they can easily gamble on any site. Parents need to be more cautious regarding this matter.

  4. Yes, really these two concerns really matter too much here no only united kingdom but also for other counties. Now, in this modern age, almost all the children have a basic knowledge to operate computers. And really it is easy for them to hide their age while gambling. So, there should be a rule for all the new comer to upload a scan copy of his/her NIC card. But I think personally this is not enough security till now to make away such children. So, there should be more powerful security ways to stop such concerns. May be this is the only reason that in our country gambling is not allowed. Because in our country it is though that gambling is not only bad for children, but it also a wastage of money as well as time. But despite the presence of strict rules for gambling in my country, still many peoples even children are playing such gambling games.

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