Online Gamers Set to Benefit Immensley from Argyle Tournament 2014

The Ryder’s Cup golf tournament that is set to begin in Scotland at the end of September 2014, is setting the stage for the online golf tournament called Argyle Open tournament. With Microgaming at the forefront of the hosting privileges, Vegas Palm Online Casino is inviting all its players to take part this year. Just like the actual Ryder’s Cup, the Argyle tournament promises to be large, exciting with extremely lucrative opportunities for the gamers who take part in it. Argyle is one of the few online gaming tournaments that has a loyal and predictable support mechanism via Vegas Palm Online Casino and promises to increase its followings more than any other gaming tournament conducted in any particular month

The first thing all online gamers should know is, to be a part of this tournament each gamer needs to be registered member of the Vegas Online Casino. This is done by downloading the required software that is found on the website. For all the late starters, Vegas is allowing free membership in commemorating this new and exciting golf tournament. Unfortunately, Argyle will not be able to be accessed on any of the mobile casino or instant play software editions.

Once you have logged into the casino software with your user name and password, scroll to the bottom where it says games and click on the icon the shows €100k Argyle tournament. Immediately, you will be on your way for a chance of splitting that pot with 50 other lucky players. The fact that the tournament has already started on September 1, doesn’t mean it’s too late. Each player has until September 30 to play and register his or her top score. The low cost buy in of €10 is regarded as minimal, since the top online golfer will have a chance of pocketing €5000 of the €100000 for him or herself. With a pot this large, you can ensure that the best of the best online gamers and golfers will make themselves available to get an equal chance at the winnings. There will be numerous Free Spins and Bonus Wins available to each player has play progresses and each stage is completed. This is one example of the numerous opportunities given to maximize one’s chances of winning and being competitive.

The tournament allows you to choose a golfer of your choice from a selection. So, in essence the tournament tries to replicate the ongoing Ryder’s Cup golf tournament in more ways than one. Not only will the players have fun in this highly interactive and competitive golf tournament, the possibility of extravagant winnings, give additional incentive to sign up and enjoy the Argyle tournament.

The intensity commences when the gamer chooses 1 of the 5 professional interactive golfer from the online choices. The ultimate goal of any golfing sport would be to make a hole in your first effort. If the gamer is extremely talent enough to make a hole in one, then typically the prize money(or most of it ) will belong to him or her. Since a hole in one attempt is usually rare and unlikely, the next aim of the gamer is to putt the hole in as few attempts as possible. The fewer the attempts made by the golfer to putt the hole, the greater the chances are of winning some sort of prize money. The fewer attempts, maximum free spins can be achieved. There is a maximum of 20 free spins that can be retrieved for each round and this also comes with a multiplier of 5. So, in essence acquiring maximum free spins, but sinking the ball in the hole as quickly as possible, will move you through the rounds seamlessly and separated you from the less talented players. Eventually, with a pace like that, a gamer is guaranteed at least a portion of the winnings that is distributed after the final round.

Argyle gaming as been around for a long time, but it was Microgaming, along with the theme of the Ryder’s Cup Golf Tournament that has turned Argyle into the extra competitive and lucrative online golf tournament it is today. According to James Ford, Microgaming Product Manager, multi-player games, it is all about perfect timing, giving the players what they want and keeping the gaming industry exciting. September is a major month on the golfing calendar, and it was perfect and seamless timing to incorporate the Argyle tournament alongside the predominant Ryder’s Cup tournament.

This is considered huge ticket item on the online gaming industry’s calendar. Online gamers and golf game enthusiasts should embark upon this opportunity to make money in a fun filled way. In essence, this tournament brings lucrativeness and excitement to the average revenue month of September in online gaming.

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  1. Golf online? So we dont have to pay thousand and thousand of dollars yearly golf clup annual fee,, but yet it can make us rich? Go for it..

  2. @bernardbear you are correct for that you said, we don’t have to pay now thousands of dollars for the golf annually. Ryder’s cup golf tournament really took a nice and good step to make such tournaments online for golf fans. It seemed that argyle golf tournament will be prove as most beneficial for the concerning casinos as wealth. Because in this age of technology, each one wants to make bet, and do gambling just by sitting at one place and that is home. So, offering such kind of tournaments online is a good choice for casinos.

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