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It’s never been easier to play slot machines and video poker. It seems there is a casino within a day’s drive of more people than ever before. The action is nonstop and the excitement of hitting a jackpot is exhilarating.
But traveling to a brick-and-mortar casino costs money, takes time and sometimes is just not possible given other demands.

Never fear, the Internet and online casinos are here.

The beauty of online video slot machines is the convenience of being able to play from the confines of your home, and you can play when you want to play. Players can log on before they go to work and take a couple of spins. They can play from their mobile device during a lunch break. Hey, why not “pull the handle” a couple of times before bedtime? No longer does someone who loves playing video slots or poker have to go Las Vegas or Atlantic City. Online casinos bring the action into your home.

There are a plethora of online casinos to choose to play. And at each of these virtual casinos, players have to make decisions on what games to play. Following some simple strategies when choosing which online casinos and which video slot games to play will increase your chance of playing longer, of having fun and winning.

Where to play
The first piece of important strategy to winning at online slots involves selecting an online casino to visit. Online casinos are fighting for your business and offer very generous incentives for you to stop by and play their machines. Many casinos also will offer monthly bonuses or rewards for loyal players.

Sign up to receive emails from more than one online casino. These emails will provide details of bonus offers that only loyal players receive. In addition to bonuses, you’ll be alerted to different kinds of tournaments the casino has scheduled. Often there are discounts or bonuses involved in signing up to participate in these events.

Playing with free money is a huge advantage and piece of strategy that all online slot machine players should follow. When it comes to sign-up bonuses, consider and research which sites offer the best bonuses
For instance, an online casino might advertise a 500 percent bonus on an initial deposit. If you deposit $50 into your account at that time, you will receive $250 in free play.

Another popular sign-up bonus is the “no-deposit” bonus, which means exactly that. Bonus money is awarded just for signing up. No deposit is necessary. The sign of a smart gambler, play and win with the house’s money.
Taking advantage of free money bonuses might seem like obvious strategy, but players often ignore bonus incentives when selecting a casino. Don’t overlook these bonus offers as well as loyalty discounts for frequenting a casino.

Picking the right machine 

Not all machines are created equal and neither do they pay off equally. Similar to traditional casino slot machines, online casinos offer games such as Classic slots, multiline slots, games that offer free spins, multipliers and progressive jackpot machines.

Online slot players should scour the casino website and find the loosest machines with the highest payouts. If you can find a machine that has a payout of at least 92 percent, you won’t be getting ripped off and you will have a decent chance to play for a while and maybe hit a jackpot.

Online video slots games that are $1 or higher will have a higher payout than penny or nickel slots. Don’t go into the game without a sufficient bankroll; some experts advise starting with at least $200 on a $1 game. These machines have a house “edge” of about 2 percent. Starting with that kind of bankroll gives you a chance to survive the house edge until you score a few hits.

Avoid games that offer fewer but higher payoffs versus machines that offer more frequent lower payoffs than higher ones. If you don’t hit a winner with the first type of machine, you’re probably going to be logging off the casino website a lot faster as your bankroll will disappear quickly unless you hit one of those higher payoffs.
Take a look at the payoff tables on the machines. Experts say if there multipliers or a number of high-paying combinations those machines are likely to swallow your money faster.
Also, avoid online slot machines offering jackpots that are linked to other online slot machines. These wide-area jackpot machines might have different payout odds.
But you can minimize your chances of losing quickly by picking the right machine and selecting a comfort bankroll when playing online slots. If you can’t afford to make the maximum bet, turn down the coin size or find a machine where you don’t have to make the max bet.

Trying to determine if an online slot machine is due to hit is futile. Each spin is independent of all other spins, meaning the odds of hitting a jackpot are the same before each and every spin.

Don’t always bet maximum amount

Slot machine experts are in agreement when it comes to betting the maximum amount. Do not bet the maximum unless you will receive an additional benefit for risking that extra money. One benefit is if there is a progressive jackpot at stake.

Always bet maximum coins when playing progressive machines to be eligible to win the jackpot. If you don’t bet the maximum, you’re just building the jackpot up for someone else to win. And if you do hit the correct symbols without maximum bet, you might find it difficult to sleep at night knowing you just gave away your jackpot to someone else.
There are some slot machines, notable straight multipliers, where you do not get any extra bonus and should not bet the maximum amount of coins. Then there are multiline and multiplay machines where it is not necessary to bet the max to win bonus spins. You will just win less than if you had bet the max.

Be aware though, that you should be at least one coin per line on these types of machines. Also, take a few minutes to read the game instructions so you fully understand what you need bet to win any bonuses or jackpots.

Take your time

Essentially, when you are playing an online video slot machine, you are betting you are going to win. That’s obvious, too, but what also is clear is that not everyone wins and you will not win every time you play. In essence, you’re paying for the time you play, and the longer you can stretch your bankroll and the longer you can play, the more satisfied you will be when you log out of the casino.

Another way to slow down your rate of play and make your bankroll last longer is to team up with a friend. For instance, you both deposit the same amount of money into a machine. You then take turns rooting for each other to win. Set a goal to reach and if you reach that goal, cash out and split your winnings.

Your time in front of machine will last longer and you actually increase the chance of walking away with some money in your virtual pocket.

So in addition to reading the instructions on how to play and what to bet to win bonuses, take your time. There’s no hurry to spin the wheels. While the interval between spins might affect your chances of winning — when you hit the spin button, the random number generator tells the reels where to stop — winning at online video slot machines is really a matter of luck. Remember, video slot odds always favor the house.

Think twice

Slot machine experts say online slot players should think twice before playing. Slots offer the house the biggest edge in the casino. Video poker might be a better alternative.

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