Opera Night Slot

opera-night If you love going to the opera, then the video slot game Opera Night might be ideal for you. Made by Rival Gaming (http://www.rivalpowered.com), Opera Night gives players the chance to enjoy the ambiance of the dramatic classical musical style, complete with exciting possible winnings. The setting of the video slot is an opera theater.


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The video slot is made up of 20 lines and five reels. The game is chock-full of fun for players, where you’re interested in multipliers, wild symbols and free spins features, to mention a couple specifics.

Some of the video slot game’s most prominent symbols are the “Senorita” wilds, the “opera singer” for jackpots, the “conductor” scatters, the “fat lady” for bonuses and the “masked man” drop features. Aside from these symbols, the game also includes knights, mimes, geishas, gentlemen and tailors. If something is associated with the world of opera, then there’s a strong chance that it’ll be depicted in this video slot game. If any of these symbols are part of winning combos, they’ll start moving around conspicuously.

If you spot the “senorita” symbol during the game, then you have a wild that replaces all of the symbols bar the scatters. These wilds do not expand. The senorita is shown as a beautiful woman with dark hair.

If you see the three of the Masked Men symbols on a winning line, you’ll get a payout. Once that happens, the Masked Men will all disappear. They’ll quickly be succeeded, however, by the three symbols that are situated on top of them. This is why the Masked Men are referred to as drop symbols. If fortune is on your side, you might be able to win again with these new symbols.

People who play Opera Night often anxiously await the free spins feature. This bonus feature is triggered when players see three, four or five of the conductor symbols. If you see three of them, you’re awarded with five free spins. If you see four or five of the conductors, then you’re awarded with a whopping 10 or 20 free spins.

If you notice at least three of the classic Fat Lady symbols, then it’ll initiate the bonus. The bonus’ goal is to break wine glasses relying on the strength of the lady’s high soprano vocals. If you do an excellent job, you’ll be able to possibly break all four of the glasses. The Fat Lady will indeed sing if and when you break all of them.

The video slot game’s graphics are vibrant, cartoonish and interesting. If you adore the works of Mozart, for one specific example, this thrilling video slot game should provide you with a fun escape into the classical music realm. Not only does Opera Night allow players the opportunity to surround themselves in the world of opera music, but it also gives them the exciting chance to experience various top-notch bonuses and features. Whether you like wilds or the uncertainty of the drop feature, Opera Night is sure to keep you engaged and having fun.

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  1. Features a very unique. Theme Opera night slot, with the character of classical art is the work of a very indulgent of players.

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