Pai Gow Poker Game Tips & Strategies

For those who are new to Pai Gow Poker, trying this fun version will bring to light the reasons why it is fast becoming a top favorite in the online gaming world. There are Pai Gow Poker game strategies to try out, as with any card game, and combining luck together with acquired skill can prove to be lucrative, if not highly entertaining. This recent entrant to the casino gaming platform mixes the regular game of poker with an ancient Chinese tile game.

Luckily, by using Pai Gow Poker game strategies culled from other players, plus adding their own, most people find that they reap big winnings. Alternately, they find that when they do lose, it is not by much. However, wise newcomers familiarize themselves by playing several games of free Pai Gow Poker before venturing into the stimulating world of playing for actual money.

For some players, Pai Gow Poker may seem frustrating since, more often than not, the game ends in a tie. This fact affords game lovers the ability to enjoy playing Pai Gow Poker for many hours without risking the loss of a lot of money. When someone does win, a small commission, which is usually 5 percent of the bet amounts, is awarded to the house.

How The Game Of Pai Gow Poker Unfolds

Before thinking about game plan tactics, it helps to understand how the game of Pai Gow Poker is played. First of all, the players compete only against the dealer, rather than against each other. In addition, the archaic Chinese tiles that the Pai Gow game is based upon are replaced with cards, which are preferred by most players.

Thankfully, poker expertise is not needed in order to play intriguingly fun games of Pai Gow Poker. However, gamers who understand poker rankings will have an easier time playing, initially. For those who do not, they will soon catch on and commence implementing Pai Gow Poker game strategies of their own.

The central object of the game is to form two hands of cards that beat the dealer’s hands. Of the two hands, one is composed of two cards and the other hand contains five cards. The same is true for the dealer, or banker.

Game play takes place at a unique table that is made to seat six players and a dealer. To start, the player must locate a table with desirable betting limits. Next, the player denotes a bet amount and is given seven cards.

Now, it is up to each player to divide their seven cards into the two groups, depending on the cards they hold. It is crucial to make the five-card hand the strongest, and this is where knowledge of poker card rankings come in handy. When the dealer separates their cards into two hands, all players place their two hands on the table to compare against the house. Players win if both of their hands trump the dealer’s hands. Ties occur if players can only beat one of the dealer’s, or house’s, hands.

Pai Gow Poker Game Strategies And Ideas

Now, it is time to talk about strategies for winning at Pai Gow Poker. Many innovative approaches are available online for this game as well as for the hybrid forms of Pai Gow Poker. According to one expert player, over 40 percent of the games played result in ties, but by implementing proven Pai Gow Poker game strategies this number can be decreased.

First, each house uses specific rules to set particular Pai Gow hands. Usually, a pair is split unless an ace pops up and is playable in the two-card hand. However, players are not required to play by this rule. Experts point out that when a dealer is having a cold streak, players may gain an advantage by keeping any pairs together while playing a high card on top. Hopefully, the player succeeds with both hands; but if not, at least the bottom hand is still won, if not the top, which creates a tie.

Another Pai Gow Poker game strategy consists of taking on the position of banker, provided the player has a large enough bankroll to afford the task. The reasoning is simple; bankers win when top hands are identical, and the commission becomes payable after losses are set against winnings. It must be noted, however, that risk is involved with playing the part of the banker if high rollers are playing the table since a loss means a significant payout. Additionally, keep in mind that when a player performs the function of banker, the dealer bets the same amount previously bet by the player during the period the dealer was banking.

Occasionally, Pai Gow Poker tables provide bonus circles for those players fortunate enough to acquire a premium hand, and they pay increased odds. For example, a straight may pay odds at 2:1, while a natural 7-card straight flush may net fabulous 7,000:1 odds. Incidentally, this type of incentive is not true odds. Additionally, a lot of time can go by before a player hits such a bonus, and when they do, the house receives a slightly higher percentage commission.

Finally, any list of Pai Gow Poker game strategies is not complete without this advice: know when it is time to quit. Streaks are natural occurrences in any casino game, and they definitely occur with Pai Gow Poker. Considering the high rate of tie games, anyone who loses three or four hands back to back, should seriously consider taking a break. This can be a short walk or other activity, but it does help reset the momentum. Moreover, enjoy your winning streaks and embrace the popular game of Pai Gow Poker

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