Penguin Payday Slot

penguin-paydayPenguin Payday is an exciting virtual scratch-and-win game that has a theme of penguins in the artic. The game offers two playing modes, which are “play for fun” and “play for real money” modes. A first time user can get a feel for the way the game works by choosing the non-monetary option to start. To engage in gameplay, the user must log into his or her account or register for a new account. Registration is free, and it takes under two minutes to achieve. After the person completes registration, he or she can then enjoy a cool game of Penguin Payday.


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The Penguin Payday Layout

The game has the layout of a traditional scratch-and-win card. It consists of a virtual card with a scratch-off area to the right and a penguin legend to the left. The bottom of the screen displays the amount of the bet and the amount the person won on the latest scratch. The bottom of the screen also displays player options such as help, options, lobby and cashier. The “help” button gives a thorough explanation to the player on how he or she can play the game. There is also a live help button for any person who would like assistance via chat.

The “lobby” button allows the player to leave the game and visit the lobby to select a different game. The “cashier” button allows the player to change his or her “fun money” amount or add funds to a real game. Finally, the “options” button gives the player choices for sound volume, game speed, and screen size. The player can easily exit any of the special menus by clicking “back to game.”

The bottom of the screen displays additional options such as the bet increase/decrease button, the “play for real money” button, the “reveal” button, and the “new card” button.

Playing the Game

The objective of the game is to match three like symbols on a single card. The symbols consists of multipliers such as 1X, 2X, 5X and the like. The highest multiplier is 80X. If the player scratches off three like multipliers, then his or her payout will be that much more than the bet amount. For example, a player will win $1,000 if he or she places a bet for $500 and scratches off three 2x symbols.

The player draws a new scratch off card by clicking the “new card” button. Next, the player can scratch off his or her card using one of two methods. Players who want to experience the feel of a traditional scratch-off card can run their mice across the screen in the scratch off area while holding their right buttons down. Players who want to reveal their numbers quickly can click the “reveal” button to see if they have won anything. The lowest bet amount allowable is $1. The highest bet amount allowable is $100.

Penguin Payday is a simple game that anyone can play for fun or for earnings. It can provide hours of entertainment and delight.


  1. These are game demo and try it poured after try my real account, because he loved playing that rely on mathematics

  2. It is a really simple game to play and it’s a lot of fun as it features cute, cool creatures and their fishy friends.

  3. Really cool, very simple, playing this game is very interesting.

  4. In opinion “Play for Fun” is good option for learning this game.

    One should first go for this option before playing for real money

  5. Scratch and win Wawoo i remember old days when i had same game with frnds.. Thanks man love to play this game.

  6. when refresh the page whether to enter a username and password to play? when I play internet connection is lost then the page is refreshed automatically, I am still curious about this game unfortunately my connection is disconnected

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