Pennsylvania Online Gambling Law

Maybe you are a resident of Pennsylvania and you are seeking to increase your gaming options, or you know about someone who has gambled online and you aren’t certain what to do do about it. The gambling laws in Pennsylvania have changed over the years in such a way to become less strict. At the time that this article is being written, online gambling is illegal in Pennsylvania. However, no penalties have been established for those that do it.

What The People Want

A poll showed that 62% of voters in the state are against legalizing online gambling. Some state politicians want to establish penalties for those that do it. Republican Representative Mario Scavello wants a bill passed that can cause those that are convicted online gambling to pay a fine and possible jail time. If the bill passes, a person who’s found guilty of it for the first time might have to pay a fine of $300.00 or less. They might also have to stay in jail up to 90 days. The penalties for a second conviction would be more severe. The fine could be as high as $2,500.00 and the person can be sentenced up to one year in jail.

Although many people in the state and throughout the United States don’t consider online gambling to be a bad thing, those that believe otherwise have reasons for it. One of the more common reasons why a number of people in Pennsylvania are against it is because it can become a bigger problem for those that have an uncontrollable addiction to gambling. It’s believed that those that have a gambling problem will find it too difficult to break free from if they are able to do it from the comfort of their homes or offices. The other most common reason people are against it is because they believe that it will make underage gambling easier.

There are still a number of people in the state that would like to see online gambling legalized. They don’t believe that problem gambling or underage gambling will become worse if it’s allowed, or that it’s significant. Many believe that online gambling will be legal in Pennsylvania by 2015. One reason why a number of people are for it is because it can bring in more money for the state.

What Is Currently Allowed

Pennsylvania allows betting at race horse tracks and also has a state lottery. Commercial casinos with electronic slots became legal in the state in 2004. The state lottery became legal in 1971. In 2010 card games and non-electric games became legal in casinos. All legalized forms of gambling in Pennsylvania are carefully regulated.

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