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The game of poker to be a trend in social media and online, has a lot of people are making a big buzz in the world of poker, these following:

Beth Shak
Beth Shak, one of the most sexiest players in the poker world. She is not only a beautiful woman and sexy but also a professional poker player in America. Since 2004, she has been playing poker and appeared in the World Series of Poker, Poker Tournament Playboy, Aces and Angels at the Playboy Mansion and more. Playboy Yes, right! In addition to being a popular female poker player, she is also a businessman. She runs the business personal designer clothing for collections of vintage nearly ten years. She is also known as an expert and a generous shoes where the advantage she played in a charity poker tournament were donated to those in need.

Ryan Young
This young man began to play poker on the internet and then get bored and want to practice this game in the real world. Armed with skills and expertise in online poker, he began to play with the professionals. Ryan won the WSOP in 2007 and ever since it began to carve sejarahya World Poker. Unfortunately Ryan must die at a young age on one fateful accident in 2012. There is no definite news about how this heartbreaking incident happened but one thing, World Poker will never forget the young players who are enthusiastic and always aggressive.

Dennis Phillip “Phil” Ivey Jr.
American professional poker player who originally learned to play with against his co-workers at a telemarketing company in New Jersey. He became popular after winning the WSOP 8 and the tournament in the World Poker Tour. Ivey until now often dubbed as the Tiger Woods of his Poker.

Johnny Chan
He was no doubt a legend when it comes to poker. He has two World Series of Poker Championship in 1987 and 1988 and has 10 WSOP bracelets. Known to be a gambler underground in the early days of his career, Johnny never imagined that it could be accomplished so far. Of underground poker games, he played poker with players much older and experts. Afterwards people see incredible skills on and began to know him. Although he had lost, but he did not stop and stay motivated. Of income win in Vegas, Johnny began influenced elite and extravagant lifestyle until he was much indebted.

Alexa Fisher
Alexa Fisher made a breakthrough in the World Poker first time when the players are seated and small children running around. The players look at her as a child of 8 years who just want to disturb others in the poker table. But the way she grabbed a stack of chips and shuffling cards is obvious then that she has a great ability to play No Limit Texas Hold’em in which each player bet with 1000 chips. Guess what, Alexa at home with more than 8000 chips at the time. No wonder if her trip to Disneyland turned into a trip to the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas later. But it will certainly take more than 10 years to become a professional poker player because she will only be allowed to compete in a charity tournament until she was 18 later.

Joe Cada
Joe Cada was born in Shelby Township, Michigan on November 18, 1987. He currently holds the record as the youngest player in history to win the World Series of Poker Main Event. By winning the Main Event at age 21, Cada surpassed Peter Eastgate as the youngest champion. Cada had two previous wins WSOP cash, both in 2009. Cada has become a regular online poker player for several years before winning the WSOP event. He especially online poker players, with more than $ 500,000 in online tournament victory this time. In 2010, the total exceeds $ 8,550,000 tournament victory.

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  1. Salute to Joe Cada in relatively young age he can made huge money from poker. Sugih Lim if you meet Joe Cada please tell him, i want to meet with him and ask him to teach me in poker games. Because i want win poker games in OC.

    • Thanks Dado, but I have not been lucky to meet him.

    • with a handsome face of his face , joe cada often win the game because his main opponent is not concentration on the game , of course, if his opponent is a woman .

  2. Beth shak, she play at playboy mansion? Infront of hugh hefner.. i wonder what she bet? But that was an extraordinary achievment she has. Good for her..

    • Yes, she also has a high social life should be given the thumbs up.

  3. When eastgate won the champ, no one can imagine who can win the champ title younger than he’is. But cada surpass him in style.

    • No one knows about their future, but if we believe and continue to strive hard. Surely we will succeed. Like Poker players above, the course of total struggle.

  4. From cada case, we can say that poker style have improve time to time, and there’s no age limitation to master it

    • Gambling world if not limited lifespan due to social ethics, surely many young gamblers who might already exist there.

  5. All of them has a lot of great journey in their life until they reached Highest position in the world.Nice information.Thank you

    • The journey itself, need a lot of sacrifice and hard work, we can learn from their way of success

      • To play casino I feel no need to toil and sacrifice because it is based on the game for fun only, but it is necessary when you want to cheat someone or town or machine . If someone is not ready to lose and ran out of the money it is better not to play in the casino .

  6. Beth Shak! I am interested in a woman who can be very good at gambling games, especially if he is a businessman and willing to donate part of the proceeds to charity. and indeed many women gamblers who succeed in such casino black jack game

  7. if an accomplished poker player will be known in the world ‘ because the film ” god of the gambler ” was playing a game of poker .

    • Lol i remember the movies, the god of gambler… i laughed till i cried everytime i’ve watched the movie.. if anybody haven’t seen the movie yet.. then you have to watch it.. very funny..

      • I’ve seen his movies, it’s funny. in the film there is a knight of gamblers, king of gamblers and also of course the God of Gamblers

      • It turns out that you love that movie too bernard .. !
        Hopefully one day we can be like them and you become steven chow and I of course be co yun fat . lol

  8. Good information about the famous persons in the world of poker gambling and pleased to read that women are not left behind in this field.

    • Of course Shirish .. woman in the eyes of the world has not be underestimated and in the world of casino you need to know annette Obrestad … he’s being discussed at this time

  9. if someone has been a professional poker player and the winner of a competition, a great gift is sure to be hers, unbelievable, this is really a great gift …

  10. I was amazed by Beth Shak. High-spirited social. The advantage of playing tournament poker is used for charity.

    • It’s not weird thing M40N3 actually gambler is not crime. Some of them may have to take this way because condition. I’m sure almost gambler in the world is good man and honest.

      • I agree Dado , and I ‘ve been writing articles to blog about it , hopefully approve by admin

    • I agree that most of the gambler in the world is a good and honest man, hopefully people who like this will always get the victory

  11. From the above poker players we can take a very valuable lesson, hopefully poker players can be successful play at OC like them.

  12. phil ivey very great, he’s like the story in the film, as he studied the differences in the piece of card, so that he could distinguish each card by looking at the back of the card

    • Maybe Phil Ivey has a good memory, to memorize each card with certain characteristics, Kakafay.

  13. however poker is a card game that has a long, almost every country knows this game. necessarily based on the existing period will produce great players and successful in every journey

    • You’re right mbach , in my country is very popular poker game because in every province , in every town , in every area to play poker rules vary so much new card game called poker modified fixed .

    • I agree with Mbach, if we persevere in one particular field, will surely get results. but all it takes time and the process to success.

      • win or lose it is something unusual for a gambler, but with always trained himself will at least keep them from defeat.

  14. Wow, so amazing to be a great poker player as they are. I want to be like them.

    • @JituHokiJos, i think all member or gambler or maybe ordinary people if now how to play poker and managing money in gambling must be want to gamble to reach big money in short time.

      • I dont think so dado, cause partially of they in a gambling only just for fun or even want to squander his money for his inner satisfaction.

    • Yse you can jitu! If there is a will, there is a way.. i’m sure everyone in this group, want to be like them.

  15. remarkable for the named Joe Cada, age 21 years, but has won a lot of games with a total prize enormous.

    • Age can not hinder one’s fortune long as there is a willingness and ability to compete in this world.

  16. I ‘ve played one of the games of poker in my area , I was wondering why the number 2 in the card becomes the greatest even ace was defeated by him .
    I was very surprised at the time of his plays .

  17. @Sughi Lim. I shall keep my identity as secret. But m poi st of the players you have chosen have qualities that make each of them special. One word of advise go for it

    • Thanks Ardodd, of course, you earn experience make you better understand and be more wise in taking a decision that is best in your played.

  18. I never played poker games anywhere till this time. So i want to know how it will be played.?

    • Perhaps you can start with simple poker game, and learn to manage your emotions to bet. Because when you are faced with a large bet to worry about losing it, which makes you will not get the spirit to win and doubt. And of course your ability to count and remember cards should not be forgotten.

  19. Wow, Beth Shak? You are really fantastic woman. A good poker player as well as a famous business man. Oh! sorry woman !.. It would be more good if you also clarify how many times this woman win or loss in poker tournament.Mean while I am very very sad about Ryan Young. May God bless his soul. And all the remaining ones are also good poker players. Thanks Sugim Lim to post about these poker players. You encouraged all the members for poker in this way. I really like this game. But unfortunately I don’t know how to play this game. I want to learn, but I have not any spare time in these days. I have lots of work related to my final project regarding my study. But I will must learn poker after submitting my final project.

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