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The mission at is to provide an online gaming site that players will both enjoy and trust. We do this by ensuring that the games we promote set industry standards when it comes to fun and that we fulfill our promise with virtual gaming machines that deliver real winnings to our reel players. Gaming online requires trust. We work hard to ensure that our customers feel safe when they play with us. Personal customer data is kept safe and our operations are built with the customer experience in mind.


We Build Trust with Our Members by Delivering Solid Information About How to Play and What the Odds of Winning Are.

Let’s face it. No one comes to a casino to lose their money. Since we know that players want to win, we provide loads of information about how to play the games featured on our website.

Knowledge is power and our fair games are not rigged. The odds that you see on our play tables are the actual odds that you will be gambling against. Knowing how to play the games increases the chances that players have to win.


About the Games

Because we know that fast action and fun games keeps our members coming back, we provide the best online games in the gambling industry. In fact, many of our members enjoy the chance to practice online before heading out to the casinos for play in the reel world.


We Take the Right Steps to Ensure That Your Personal Information is Secure.

When it comes to your money and your personal financial information, we provide the best in business security to our customers. Our philosophy is that if we can’t keep your information safe, then we are not doing our job.

Our customers feel secure when they log onto our website because they know that we work hard to protect their information. Using secure keys and solid business practices, we are confident that you can game without worry. We will never sell your contact information to outside sources.


We Keep the Lines of Communication Open.

Like any other business, we occasionally have technical problems. That’s why we have customer service standing by to promptly resolve any issues that you may have. In fact, we work to make sure that solutions are found as rapidly as possible.

In fact, we encourage contact even when their is a not a problem. When gamers can’t find the information they need to play, we provide them with the information that they need to understand both game play and the odds. It’s like having a customer service agent at your fingertips.


We are Honest With Our Members.

Because online casinos are largely unregulated, it is up the the casino to earn the trust of the players. We want you to know who is working behind the scenes and how our casino is set up.

A casino that gains a reputation for fixed gameplay is not a good casino for players. By being transparent in our operations, we build trust to ensure that our members stay with us for a long time. We wouldn’t head out for a night of slots or cards is we couldn’t trust the casino and we don’t expect you to either.


A Summary of Our Gaming Philosophy

Our members are the most important part of our business and our company philosophy always puts them first. Our business choices are geared to ensure that gamers have:

  • A wide variety of thrilling and fun games to play,
  • Access to information about how to play the games and what the odds are,
  • A computer security system in place to protect personal and financial information,
  • An open communication portal to quickly resolve problems and answer questions on a prompt and courteous basis, and
  • An open policy that ensures honest business practices.

Because we’ve done the due diligence, we have the time and expertise to constantly improve our gaming website and add to the wide variety of games that are already available. Keeping our customers entertained and engaged is our job. Providing safe and secure play is our responsibility.

We invite new visitors to discover what we have to offer and are proud to provide the safest and most fun games in the industry. Give us a try and see what you think. We promise that you will be satisfied.


  1. I like the philosophy of this website. Indeed service should be number one in any business.

  2. I am very honored by this statement “We Keep the Lines of Communication Open”. Cause this statement describe OC is very open minded to improvement this site. Salute to OC team….

  3. Thanks for providing a Mission Statement and a short description about OC. Looking forward to long relationship.

  4. Base on your summary on your philosophy, i’ve made my own summary:
    – A wide variety of thrilling and fun games to play: Yes, i agree OC’s game is very attractive and it will give the player fun and excitement. Many theme and creative story board, responsive games, user friendly, even a baby can play it..
    – Access to information about how to play the games and what the odds are: I agree, from my surfing experienced, OC’s is the best information web site about online gambling. I can say, This is the mother information site.
    – A computer security system in place to protect personal and financial information: Proven 100%, trusted and honest
    – An open communication portal to quickly resolve problems and answer questions on a prompt and courteous basis: I agree, Quick response and solve every problem with commitment.
    – An open policy that ensures honest business practices: I’d proven my self. OC always paid me and they are 100% honest.
    – Thank you OC, for such good business commitment and being an honourable website

  5. @bernardbear I like your Mission Statement just as good as OnlineCasinos Mission Statement.

    You exemplify the meaning of true member here on OC. And I commend your efforts.

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