Piece Story About Agent or gambling boss in my State

JAKARTA – A total of 16 online gambling offenders arrested with a turnover of billions of dollars. Parent server is not in Indonesia but in five neighboring countries. They are the Philippines, Cambodia, Singapore, Vietnam, and Malaysia.

“They’ve been using quite sophisticated technology, we also conduct cyber patrol to uncover this case,” said Director General of the Criminal Investigation and the Jakarta Police Chief Commissioner Heru Pranoto in Metro Jaya Police Headquarters, Jakarta, Sunday (24/08/2014).

Employers bird nest that also as an online bookies beromset 1.7 billion per month. Arrested, Jakarta, Tuesday (11/25/2014).

Bookies online, multi-billions of dollars were arrested. Performers, LG aka IM (44) did not move when arrested from his home in Serpong, Tangerang Selatan. Jakarta, Monday (01/01/2015).

Jakarta Police raided the online gambling business in Tangerang and catch a gambling agent. “Rotes Tarin (35), the suspect’s level as an agent. He collects bets from the players, and then handed over to the bookie,” said Head of Sub Resmob Ditreskrimum City Police Superintendent Educate Sugiarto told reporters at Metro Jaya Police Headquarters, Friday (13/03/2015 ).

Two businessmen arrested Subdit Resmob team of Criminal Investigation Directorate General Jakarta Police. Both were arrested for running an online gambling organized through the site www.sbobet.com and www.ibc.com. Monday (03/30/2015).

End of story for those who run a gambling business in the country of Indonesia. Became an agent and become the boss of the business will be netted law enforcement officers. Indeed, from the above description, the advantages of gambling business is extremely lucrative and they even dare to give more to law enforcement officials who want to protect them from other law enforcement officers.

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  1. Nice news uban_avatar, in this news finally we know who have money they can buy law. But Indonesian government never realize if the casino gambling have legallity to operate in country, this will be great effort for foreign exchange and Indonesia can improve economy in short time.

    • indeed, the possibility of Indonesian government has not or will not ever want to see success in boosting the economy in a short time with the example of other countries or neighboring countries that already provide legality of any form of casino gambling.

      • I’ve heard that the previous Indonesian government plan to develop some of its abandon island as a localization of gamble. I think that was a good idea, but now the plan has ruined because the ruler change.

    • Dado. It has become common knowledge. Law can sometimes be purchased.

      • The main one and it should be remembered, not all law enforcement officers have a good nature and not all gamblers it has a bad character.

      • M4ON3 : We can sell and buy everything in this corrupted world, even our dignity, honour and pride. But it depend to our commitment. Do we have to be like that? it’s our choice (Is this another gamble act? :D)

    • Government efforts have already done this but the impact that occurs gives enormous losses in early development as riot of organizations and institutions that create unrest and massive damage … in other words, the government has not found a way that could make this road as the middle of all groups .

      • therefore let the public who assess all because each party has a good opinion of their opinion.

    • In Indonesia is prohibited forms of gambling with Law No.7 / 1974 KHUP but implicitly allow gambling if you get permission from the competent authority.

      • if the gambling boss asked security to the authorities even though it was banned, they still would get it from a rogue state apparatus.

      • @Theo : you know the law? That’s nice, but can you tell me, does the law enforcement comitted to it as they force us to be?

  2. There’s a strict regulation about gambling at indonesia, although many of traditional culture there are actually a gambling practice. Off course, an illegal online should not operate, while there are an “unofficial” legal online gambling operating.

    • you are right, because usually if gambling boss has asked security to the authorities, so that was not legally changed gambling becomes legal.

  3. Theres a public secret, that the high rank police themself are actually a main back up for several online gambling. But as usual, like in “mission impossible movie” they will denied their involvement.

    • look for evidence of the involvement of police officers like the search for the needle in the haystack, hard to find.

  4. And how can they stop the indonesian from gambling? Because as the wealthiest natural resources country on earth, there are million and million people living in poverty, and there’s a huge gap between rich and poor. So the poor find the instant way to get out from their situation. One of the easiest way to get rich is from gambling.

    • can be said to believe it or not but that’s the reality that most people in Indonesia still believe that gambling is a quick way to become rich

  5. And one another thing from arresting a gambling boss. If they ended up in jail. I’ve heard that indonesian jail is like a 5 star hotelroom. They get in and out everytime they want. It’s a nice place.

    • I agree with the information that comes from Mr. bernard bear if gambling boss caught and jailed, prison space will be converted into a 5 star hotel room

  6. And as far as i know… There’s a hundreds of online gambling at indonesia, and none of them have a single liscence, but yet, million of people play it everyday involving billion of rupiah cash money.

    • like the saying, who is willing to take risks too big then that person will benefit greatly as well

      • Maybe what you try to say is: High risk high gain, and low risk low gain? Yes that is the reality of life, whether you like it or not, oneway or another, you should be done it. Unless you are very lucky person.

  7. You right uban_avatar.Tha-s too many people has been getting involve in this. Government & Polices won’t be easy to do that.

    • and this fact, the government is too chose to search for sources that can increase foreign exchange earnings, one of them with back prohibit gambling.

  8. Yupz, like that gambling in Indonesia. Gambling is prohibited in Indonesia; finally they are seeing a big profit opportunities of this gambling, so playing hide (like Cat and Mouse) .

    • and usually when gambling boss caught, they will be subject to the laws of the Criminal Code article (the love of money runs out Case)

  9. very ironic indeed, different policies for each country in each of its laws. a gambling could be considered an illegal act. whereas in other countries the gambling would get revenue for the country’s development

    • yes, indeed formerly the New Order era legalize gambling that can increase foreign exchange earnings, even gambling is active in sponsoring sports broadcast on state television media. but now since the reform era, gambling was banned.

    • Like a two sided coin, isn’t it mbach? There’s a good and bad in everything. So let people choose what the best for them. If it good, so do it. But if it bad, then leave it.

      • I strongly agree, let the general public who judge good or bad gambling if it becomes legal, and each will have a different opinion.

        • Actually those who gamble had more intelligence, especially in mathematics. Their passion should not be banned. Gambling is risk and strategy. Who would dare to take risks and have a good strategy to win the game and become a champion.

          • It’s true, gambling is rife with risks and strategies. Who dare to take risks and have a good strategy to win the game then he will be champion.

          • @Anwar : True, and also capability to memorize and take a decision even in the most critical moment.

  10. if agents were caught gambling there will be a dilemma because the public will be happy about it , but the installer bet worried by the payment agent on his bet .

    • many agents who do not want to pay the bettors because it caused the gambling boss caught and this is the harsh reality that must be suffered by the bettors.

  11. Indonesia has banned all gambling activities in the region. Even Cyber Army has been set up to track the online gambling. But, gambling enthusiasts have always managed to find a way to trick the police.

    • because it’s becoming impossible any form of gambling can be eradicated completely, if there are at least two people on this earth who still want to play it. Actually it is very ironic to see the Indonesian police are very proud of the show in the news about the success of the catch someone who conduct gambling.

  12. Govt must control illegal gambling because the huge amount of profit earned through this business will definitely used to fund terrorist activities.

    • immense possibilities, if the illegal gambling to be one source of funding terrorist activities.

    • Terorrist? i think that will need a prove shirish.. because the terorrist mostly radicalist moslem, and eventhough theu killed people, but they not allowed to play gambling

      • I agree with Mr. Bernardbear that required proof of the existence of the financing of illegal gambling against terrorist activities.

  13. if the dealer was caught, are the government can stop the people from play gambling? because theres no gap of the regulation allow people of indonesia for play gambling

    • Off course they can’t, but at least it will make an illegal online gambling reduce.

      • if illegal gambling boss caught certainly will not reduce the interest of gamblers, but at least it will only reduce any online gambling game. so just be easier for law enforcement to monitor the activity of the sources of income outside of their official salary as law enforcement officers.

  14. why the Indonesian government does not want to follow the example of other governments such as the governments of Japan, which will recognize one source of state revenue would be obtained if legalize all forms of gambling in the country. In the past, Indonesia allow gambling managed by the government (at that time known as the current SDSB or now known as Togel). but somehow now all forms of gambling have been banned.

    • because as I know this can not be applied properly, because of the level of corruption in Indonesia is very high so high local income funds can not be maximized for the benefit of citizens

      • Corruption? Yes indeed mbach. And don’t forget, rumour says, that many of corrupt government official, doing a money loundry through the gambling business.. and in this era, the online gambling.

        • it’s all true, this gambling activity generally used as a money laundering business.

    • @uban_avatar: if the indonesian govt try to legalize gambling, it will cause a great number of unrest, especially from the fundamental moslem side. It also can cause a big riot.

      • that causes a dilemma Indonesian government, on the one hand need to increase foreign exchange resources with legalized gambling, but on the other against it with strongly reject all forms of gambling.

  15. because Indonesia is a country that is predominantly Muslim, and the Islamic religion-related activities betting is strictly prohibited. Gambling in the view of Islam is an activity that risked something to gain, and one will be harmed and the other beneficiaries

    • I agree with Mr. WD because in Indonesia is a Muslim-majority country. In Islam, betting or gambling in any form is strictly prohibited. Gambling in the view of Islam is a form of activity risked something to get something, there is also the injured party for failing to obtain the benefit of the game, but others still benefit from the failure of the other party that suffered losses.

      • Maybe if the supplied special place for gambling and gambling anyone outside the region severely punished , it seems to be more restrained than it is today .

        • such as neighboring Indonesia which has given a special place to gamble and will punish anyone if there is a gambling outside of the region.

      • @uban avatar: but as far as i know, living in religion way is a big gambling too.. you never know where you end up? Whether you end up in heaven? Or a place they called hell.. who knows until the day come.

        • life is like gambling, they want to get good results but no one knows the end result is a heaven or hell …?

  16. Government should be more wise again to address gambling, as a pluralistic country, did not deserve to criminalize gamblers.

    • I agree, the Indonesian government should not criminalize gamblers because it is not worth doing.

  17. From experience I see .. the more people banned it will be intensified so , let alone who will play important not to disturb others .

    • because it may actually rules made to be broken already the law of nature, if something is forbidden, the more demand.

  18. The Indonesian government think that gambling can make people become lazy, unwilling to work. it is not true, a gambler work using his mind, ability and strong desire. also luck.

    • statements made by the Indonesian government is not true, who can prove that with gambling, will make people become lazy ..?

      • they just see the look outward, they know the gambler just shut up and do not do anything, but as I’ve said, they work with the mind

        • indeed, a gambler usually have good instincts along with the skills to master new tricks.

  19. There were Vietnam, so sad vay.Khong know he was in prison a few years anyway

    • Welcome to the blog, thanhtung0509! Can you tell us the way vietnameese play gambling? And what is the most popular gambling there?

    • each country there is a gambling boss who experienced something like this, but for some reason only be sentenced to several years.

  20. because gambling in Indonesia that until inaugurated the police officer will not receive tribute or extra money from bookies both online and on land

    • as usual, law enforcement officers are always looking for extra money to finance his life in a way not good.

  21. Hi uban… when I was in school , my friend was playing zynga poker in facebook in the cafe , when there is a police raid of my friend’s why police arrested .. ?
    whether playing online casino games no deposit although it is criminal in Indonesia … ?

    • The indonesian govt strict about poker game. The regylation says that the poker games is forbidden whether it involving bet or not.

      • Interesting information, play poker taking bets or not, remains banned by the Indonesian government …

    • This is a picture of the state of law enforcement officers in Indonesia, sometimes they imprison people who do not make mistakes.

    • Rudz. It should not be criminalized because there is no money at stake. But sometimes the police abusing their authority.

      • I agree with Mr. M4ON3, it can not be criminalized because it is just entertainment and nothing is at stake.

  22. trying to always find fault with others, which may make the main reason someone working as a police officer.

    • Indeed, partly the police there were so, but not all. We must remain salute to the police corps.

  23. hi uban , if there bookies near your home environment , what would you do .. ?

    • I will be silent and never talked to another person, such as myself who do not want to be known by others about who I am, that’s what will be done if there are bookies near my house.

  24. I think online gambling at the local site is not secure. Too easily tracked by the police.

    • I also think so for this, thank you for the same judgments Mr. M4ON3

  25. There is no coercion in gambling. People are free to choose to gamble or not. It’s part of human rights. Until when the government banned gambling huh?

    • this time, the government is very like eating a fruit ‘simalakama’ to legalize gambling.

  26. You know what? The candidate for a central legislative need a campaign cost from 5 to 10 million US$, if they win to the house of representative, surely all of their cost will redeem, but if they lost, most of them gone mad (seriously).. is that a gamble or what?

    • it is true Mr.bernardbear, legeslatif candidates currently are in need of funds so as to allow for it to be done.

    • If seen from the values ​​at stake, I think it’s the same with gambling.

  27. In your country,
    Do bookies included in the list of professions that are required to pay taxes .. ?

    • In my country, there is no gambling tax profession because gambling is something that is strictly forbidden by the government.

  28. This news was surprising for people in countries that prohibit perjuidian. But many communities want to be successful and rich through gambling. course by taking risks and chances of winning as well as the amount of money for a champion who offered the organizers of gambling has become the main attraction.

  29. This news was surprising for people in countries that prohibit perjuidian. But many communities want to be successful and rich through gambling. course by taking risks and chances of winning as well as the amount of money for a champion who offered the organizers of gambling has become the main attraction.

    • DUONG Duc Thang that’s true, due to the social disparities that are too far between rich and poor as a consequence of their trying to get rich quick way without having struggled to do the work, so gamblers hoping their gamble by trying to get the wealth through the intermediary of the boss of gambling.

  30. In anywhere around the word the Involvement of too many people in Govt policy making activity Should demolish the policies, The control over gambling should only be possible when the fair policies should be made.

    • and if the government forces policy makers still have a desire to corruption, a fair policy will not be applicable in the country.

  31. One of the legends of gambling in Indonesia is Tomy winata. he is the god father of Indonesia and even Asia. Same as above article, this person
    be immune from legal.

  32. Well I have found over the Internet that Government of several countries are trying to making the such a policies that should provide the advantage to the government as well the play/gambler instead of middle man or bookies. Government of Several countries are trying impose such law that should assist govt. in collecting the tax from the gambling world or Casino games.

  33. CommentIn my country gambling was considered lawful k. people are not free to play it. I was quite sad. it is an interesting

  34. Hi? @bernardbear ? What are you saying my dear? I am here to tell you that, terrorists have not any religion. So, never consider them as muslims, hindu, cristian etc…. Always keep in your mind. All the people are talking about here for gambling, so just stay at the this topic only. You can just say as terrorist as radicalist, radicalism, radical, or what ever you want to say, but never say them as muslim. Please !

    • I understand what you mean that terrorist is a terorrist, and they have no religion. Personally, i agree with you. But it is not good for us too if we tell them that they are not a moslem? because they faith them self as jihadist or warrior of god, no one can remove that easily from their mind. I’m trying to soften the terorrist word into radicalist (i avoid unbeliever or atheist words, because it was too harsh), If that not suit you, then I’m sorry.. πŸ™‚ Really I’am πŸ™‚ … at the time i replied to shirish statement, to avoid the topic gone wide. but now you lift it up again. so please understand what i’m trying to say at that time. we cannot easily say some people are not a moslem. it is not our rights to judge that. It is God and The Prophet (Peace be upon him) Himself rights. I’m trying to be realistic with a common words that most people can understand.

      • Hi @bernardbear? first of all I want to say sorry ! if I hurt you. I feel you’re absolutely right for your explanation about terrorists. Of course, they think, they are only the Muslims. Lets give up this topic. Sorry again. Have a great fun here with OC and other members. Chears !

        • @Hafiz786, please don’t mention it, I’m not hurt or anything, i like you, and you have good intellectuality, so i love to make a discussion with you, really i’am, have fun at OC too, have a nice surf here.. πŸ™‚

  35. While, I have review this whole article. Nice efforts Uban_Avatar ! . I am very happy to know that there are very strict rules for (illegal) gambling in Indonesia, and they are taking steps for it. But at the same time, I am unhappy that Govt. of Indonesia or Laws can buy by the richest person easily. I think Indonesia needs to be legalize the online gambling or land-based gambling for their state to get rid of poverty. No doubt, this is the one of the most useful way, from where people can earn more and more revenue very fast.

    • @hafiz786 , I agree with you, One way or another, gamble is one of the big money maker business exist. If it can deliver a job vacancy and a raise a nation wealthiness, so why not the govt legalize it? by making a landbase casino in a localize place like an island perhaps?

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