Pirates Pillage Slot

pirates-pillageLooking for an adventure, an adventure with magnificent riches and buried treasure? Looking for a way to make some fun but easy money? Well, go ahead and take a chance with this pirate-themed scratch card game, for there are indeed glorious prizes befitting any pirate tucked safely away in the cards- money prizes, of course. This is a very simple, straightforward game which can be either played for fun or for financial gain, completely the player’s decision.


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The game’s instructions are simple, and they can be easily understood and followed with the barest effort on the player’s behalf. The over-all game set-up and theme is perfect but not in an overwhelming manner that distracts from the game’s main purpose: win, and win big! It has dramatic, bold music playing in the background that enriches the overall mood of the game and sets the atmosphere for it giving players a great feeling of anticipation. Its bright, shiny appearance and eye-catching colors scream to players of the wealth hidden within the cards- the buried treasure they are anxiously searching for. The game has flair like any game centered around pirates should which is why players will instantly fall into the roguish setting with much glee.

Players can find their inner pirate as they search for these hidden riches.One must not forget the malicious looking pirate standing to the side, enticing players to give it their best shot; he is taunting them with a sadistic grin and a sharpened sword.With glistening hook and stubby peg-leg, this pirate captain is a fierce opponent, but players will gladly face him for a chance to win. How can players not want to take down such a foe for treasures vast and riches untold? With such minute details and great visual appeal, this game is exceedingly pleasing to the players’ senses, and it can even call to the betting man inside everyone. By selecting a new card, one can begin the game and can begin to win. Players simply need to scratch off the treasure chests placed on the virtual card to reveal various pirate-like items inside: gold, chalices, spyglasses, and much more.

Getting three of the same item is all one needs to win.So, look no further for a simple, exciting way to win some extra cash. What could possibly be easier than that? Take a card, and start scratching for buried treasures, fantastic and great!

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  1. Lol when i play this game, i become a swashbuckling pirate on the hunt for gold doubloons for that short period. Nice feeling 😀

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