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Two new titles have been announced by Play’n GO for launching. These titles have been announced for release on smartphone as apps. The name of these titles are Golden Caravan and Sails of Gold. The games themselves have themes that are based on historical events and cultures. Each game comes with different features such as bonus games. The slot games can be played for real money as with other slot games. Customers will be able to enjoy some of the creative action on these games from mobile devices. No longer do customers have to make it to a computer in order to play these games.

Sails of Gold is a slot game that is based on Christopher Columbus. Of course, he is the one who discovered America after the Native Americans have been living there for a while. Sails of Gold carries 5 reels and 10 lines. Among the symbols of the game are the compass, the great navigator’s wave crests, the ship, which is a scatter symbol, and other symbols. The scatter symbol will trigger the free spins. Multiple occurrences of ships will grant the player 10 free spins. There is also a game that involves the color cars in which players will have to guess the right color in order to increase the size of the win. There can also be 5 repeats of the game. This is often the way to turn a modest win into a large win.

Golden Caravan is centered around another exploring traveler by the name of Marco Polo. Golden Caraven features the image of Marco Polo as a symbol. There are other images in the game such as the Treasure Chest, camels, and people dressed in Chinese fashion. If the player gets three camels on any three reels, the game will activate the free spins mode. In the case that the player wins any combination during the free spins mode, there will be multiplication by a factor of 2 for the duration of the free spins mode. The multiplier increases for each repeat of the same symbols. The player also has the option of activating the risky round for each winning spin.

Play’n Go is one of the more creative casino game developers in the industry. The games that are created by this company involve a lot of creativity so that the user will be challenged and will also remain interested in the game as long as he plays. The games of Play’n Go have been designed primarily one purpose. The purpose is to give the players a fun experience.

Play’n Go has started in the mid 90s from a group of computer savvy people who have consulted corporations that offered state of the art technology back in those days. Eventually, the creators of the company have come to the realization that there is a possibly of starting a company that has an entertainment value that exceeds the other companies. The company could also be reliable. This is when Play’n Go was in the development stages.

Since its beginning, Play’n Go has grown significantly and now has tons of staff which provide a lot of creativity, work, and insight in order to create and present games with state of the art technology and a high replay value due to the simplicity and the features that are offered. The bonus features make the games worth a lot of the money and the fun experience that is offered to people who play. The games developed by Play’n Go are available at many online casinos. People only have to sign up and fund an account in order to take part in the two new games, Sails of Gold, and Golden Caravan.