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A new slot game has been released by Play N Go by the name of Fire Joker. This game has 3 reels. It also has a retro feel that takes you back to the earlier days of casinos and slot games. The symbols of the games are lemons, bars, sevens and plenty of other symbols. The pay-lines are fixed. There is no adjusting the lines. This game does allow players a generous chance to bring in some winnings. While this game is more simple, it is a nice break from the more elaborate spectacles that have been invading the industry.

Even though this game is more like an older style slot game, it does have enough of its own features to keep you interested as you spin and win. For instance, when you spin the reels, there is a unique firestorm that ignites as the same symbol takes on the reels throughout the pay-line. The player is then given a chance to multiply his winnings by spinning the joker wheel. This allows players the opportunity to get a full house as well as a bonus spin on the joker’s wheel that is on fire. The winnings are sure to multiply for the player.

One of the features to look out for is the free re-spin feature which is activated whenever two reels hold the same symbols on every position. For a 3 reel game, this is actually a creative entry in the casino game industry. One of the best ways to win a jackpot is by managing to get a re-spin which could offer huge winnings if you manage to get wilds, or bonus multiplier wheel. The most you could win is if you manage to get both. The joker is the wild symbol that you have to look out for. It could offer you big winnings or tease you.

With this fixed pay-line game, you still have the choice on the amount you want to bet. You can choose between 0.05 and 100.00 credits and then spin the reels to get the huge winnings. There is also the feature of auto-spin which allows you to spin the game while doing other things. The feature is good for 50 tries. Afterwards, you have to take over with any more spins. One thing to understand about this game is that it could take a little while to bring in any big winning combinations.

Even a simple game like this has high definition visuals, crisp, clear and unique sound, and great animation. This is all put together without sacrificing the smooth running on desktop, phone or tablet. For one thing, the success of a casino game depends on how smoothly it could run on multiple platforms. Given that it is accessible and smooth across all platforms, then this game is a success. People are able to access this online gaming experience from any location. Every bit of the game is intact across all devices, including the visuals, and audio presentation.

With this simple game, there is no special elaborate winning animations. At the same time, this game has a little more thought put into it than other 3 reel slot games. For one thing, when there is a winning combination, the board catches on fire and a fire line crosses through the winning line and reveals how much you have won. Also, for the winning combinations that features the joker, there is a more elaborate animation of the joker as he bounces up and down with his joker hat. The fire animation itself strangely looks realistic and cartoon-like at the same time. Whatever bit of animation is there in the game has been given a lot of thought.

Overall, if you are looking for the classic slot game experience with a modern spin on it, then you will enjoy Fire Joker. Fire Joker has the perfect combination of the classic simplicity of a slot game and the newer elaborate action of the more recent releases to online casinos. Even though you have a limited set of options for the slot game, you will find a lot of reasons to keep playing. You will find this game to be a worthy addition to the online slot library.