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Bell Fruit Casino’s Flamenco Slots is the latest production from Novomatic, an all star casino game production game. This game combines classic slots with a Spanish themed reel to entertain gamers for hours on end. The play screen displays 5 reel with 10 paylines. Players can play Flamenco Roses on their desktop or in a mobile app. Flower bedecked flamenco dancers decorate the reels, and as players spin the sound of castanets will enhance the gamer audio-visual experience even more.

Novomatic has taken time to develop first class graphics that keep players entertained. The play screen also features such visuals as jewel encrusted necklaces sprays of yellow roses and fixed wild cards. These are all artfully worked in to regular and free spin feature modes, allowing players to differentiate between the wild feature and non-free spins. While visuals are not necessarily innovative or cutting edge, they play screen is straight forward and it is impossible to become confused by what is going on.

The game rewards players with jackpots and 11 free spins that trigger even more free spins. This is a value for gamers looking to accrue slots experience in addition to jackpots. Players that receive 3 yellow roses during the feature will get access to these free spins as a male flamenco dancer takes center stage on the reels and remains until the free spin feature is over. This definitely has to be the most exciting part of the game, and definitely the most profitable. The wilds feature seems to occur often, keeping players happy.

Bell Casino has obviously focused on creating a game that offer free game features. The company is known for creating sleek progressive slots with super powered game engines that run efficiently by all metrics. The company is especially for online gaming casinos hosting millions of online gamers per day. This exclusive Bell Fruit Casino game benefits from a partnership with Novomatic, a known provider of exclusive content. Novomatic’s security policy is another reason why players trust this onling gaming company, with payment information protected with strict standards.

Reviews online seem to be positive overall. There is a high variance offering with a feature focus that will largely appeal to players who want a game of chance, and not skill. Fan of rummy or baccarat need not apply. Jackpots are large with players reporting that wilds have drastically increased stakes. This game would make an excellent addition to the arsenal of those who enjoy Spanish themed games such as The Riches. The spontaneity and fun visual of this game make it a great choice for new online gamers looking for some slots experience. No one has to worry about getting features. Olay!

This UK game is easy to play and making deposits are never complicated. Bell Casino has once again made accessibility a key feature of Flamenco Roses. Upon sign up incentives include a 100 percent first deposit bonus. Players can receive up to 200p upon sign-up that can go immediately towards game play! They also offer regular promotions including cashback, bonuses and cash drops. Players are able to use all major credit cards in addition to making paypal deposits. Bell Casino offers numerous games for desktop, mobile and portable tablet devices.

Novomatic is a game company specializing in development of quality games for international audiences. It currently runs 235,000 online gaming machines throughout the world. It is a part of over 1,600 gaming operations featuring high quality and secure games. The company has been successfully developing profitable European online gaming casinos for Swiss, German and Czech audiences in addition to branching out partnerships for UK gamers. It efficiently manages marketing and development of games based on regional trends in addition to accepting different world currencies!

In addition to this the company are involved with a subsidiary focused on sportsbetting game development. Novomatic provides state-of-the-art gaming solutions for European markets through its talented team of developers in headquarters headquarters in Gumpoldskirchen, Lower Austria. Games such as Flamenco roses would not be possible without their amazing research and development facilities throughout the UK, Germany and other areas of eastern Europe. This is clearly a brand that players can trust. It is also a company tied to greater developments, so players should keep an eye out for new games, as the company are developing great games on a regular basis!