New Players Find “Let it Ride” Easier to Learn

The fast paced world of poker may be intimidating to new players. Those interested in casino gambling, but hesitant to jump into a poker game, may want to try “Let It Ride”. This recently created game is part strategy, part chance, with plenty of options for betting. It is quick to learn, and available online and at the casino table.

What is “Let It Ride?”
The popularity of poker has led to the creation of many derivative games with simpler rules and a slower pace. One of these games is “Let It Ride”, developed in 1993 by Shuffle Master. It is a version of five-card stud with up to eight players, including a player-dealer. The game allows players to make up to three bets, but still offers the chance to withdraw up to two bets without penalty during each round. The player-dealer handles most of the complicated work, with players deciding if they like their hands or not. Plus, the pay table allows players a chance to win big on a couple of hands. So, there is the added attraction of potential jackpot winnings.

Popularity with Different Groups
Due to the relative ease in learning how to play this game and the relaxed pace of play, it is popular among new players. Those who are interested in learning to play poker can start with this similar game. It introduces the idea of multiple players, five cards – with community cards – per hand, betting, and different card rankings. Let It Ride uses the same card ranking system as most other poker style games. Let It Ride allows newbies to practice their poker faces, while playing a straight forward, intuitive game.

Let It Ride is also big with retirees and the older set. Casinos with Let It Ride often see these tables hosting more than a few retirees. The game is close enough to poker that players can enjoy the experience of a betting game without the tension of playing against friends. It is particularly good for developing camaraderie, as everyone plays against the house.

Play “Let It Ride” Online
A number of online casinos boast Let It Ride games on their sites. All that is needed is an account with a minimum cash deposit to start a game. The online game is usually single player against the house. Game play is as fast or as slow as the player decides. Most sites allow players to place a minimum of five or $10 dollars per betting circle per hand. Players are only allowed to place equal amounts on each betting circle. So, at the start of the hand, the minimum amount is usually $15 or $30. However, the player can pull up to two of those bets during the hand.

Learning to Play
New players can pick up the basics of game play within an hour. There are a number of helpful tutorials online for getting started. The “Let It Ride For Dummies Guide” ( video tutorial provides basic instructions for online games. Players can also participate in a number of online forums about online casino games to get tips about player strategy. As players become more developed, they may want to branch into the other table games like Pai Gow poker and Three Card poker.

Playing online or in-casino Let It Ride is an absorbing way to pass the hours. New players and those who prefer a slower pace will enjoy this more relaxed derivative of poker. The bets are easy to place, with plenty of room for second thoughts. Players can also find helpful tutorials and strategy guides online.

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