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Social gaming applications are quickly becoming one of the best ways to market the brand. In fact, it is one of the major reasons that premier global casino brands are also tapping into the world of social gaming and Internet casino applications. For instance, the popular social game developer for casinos, Playstudios, has announced that it struck a deal with the second largest casino group in the UK, Genting UK. As such, Playstudios will provide the group two of its most popular social gaming suites.

It is noticeable that the deal is specifically significant for Playstudios because it will offer the company a chance to expand its offering on a global scale. In the context, it should be noticed that Playstudios is a relatively new company, which is quickly gaining market share as a result of its innovative social casino platform, which is also known to offer superior technology than many of the mature players in the market. The my-Vegas suite, in particular, has gained immense popularity in the online casino market. Recently, Playstudios was also recognized as the best social gaming operator, in 2016. Besides, the company is also gaining reputation as best performer in important areas of customer retention, acquisition and conversion.

Cashing on the opportunity is Genting UK, which operates more than 40 land-based casinos in the United Kingdom. As such, the partnership with Playstudios will also allow Genting UK a chance to establish itself in the vastly popular online casino market.

The deal announcement was made by Playstudios representatives on Thursday. According to the official statement, Genting Group will get access to my-Vegas and my-Konami free-to-play gaming suites. These gaming suites will be available in more than 40 different localities around the United Kingdom. Actually, the current deal is not the first time that both parties have grouped together. Just two months earlier, Playstudios and the parent company of Genting UK, Genting Group, announced partnerships to provide similar social gaming suites to casinos is New York and Bahamas. However, the recent deal is the largest of the three allowing Genting UK to acquire license for multiple destinations.

In fact, the popularity of Playstudios game also emerges from the unique reward point system, which allows players to gain high-end real-life rewards from different business partners. For instance, players can redeem rewards to take a luxury cruise, book business-class tickets, access VIP areas of numerous world-class nightclubs and enjoy a meal at one of their favorite restaurants. To make real-life rewards possible, the business model of Playstudios revolves around developing partnership with brands including Allegiant Air, Wolfgang Puck, Royal Caribbean and a number of top resorts in casino destinations around the world.

In an official statement, the Vice President of Business Development at Playstudios, Jeff Netzer, stated that he was thrilled with the idea that the Genting Group finds value in associating itself with Playstudios brands. The partnership will definitely help Genting to establish its brand with a popular casual casino gaming suite allowing the company to gain measurable benefits. Similarly, Barry Clemo, Strategy Director of Genting UK, was also upbeat on the prospect of offering my-Vegas and my-Konami social games to the clients. He insisted that my-Vegas suite, in particular, allows the company to tap into the interest of a wide demographics of casino players in the UK. In addition, the concept of real-world awards will add to the existing portfolio of unique casino games at the largest land-based casino in the UK, Resorts World Birmingham.

It is claimed that recent strategic moves are related to the restructuring of online casino operations at the Genting Group. Recently, Genting Group announced that its online business operations will be managed by the newly appointed, Mark Sergeant. Mark not only has prior experience in the field, but he has also worked at Genting Alderney allowing him to study the operations of Genting before taking over the reigns of the operations at a national level.

Actually, Mark Sergeant will take over operations from Peter Nolan, who left the company. Commenting on the departure of Mr. Nolan, Genting’s president, Paul Wilcock, admired the effort made by the former head of online casino operations claiming that Peter Nolan did a wonderful job leading to the current expansion. However, the appointment of Mark Sergeant is made to ensure that Genting can seamlessly integrate both online and land-based casino operations. The integration will provide the multi-channel experience to customers who are quick to access casino gaming using multiple communication channels including computers, land-based shops and mobile devices.