It hasn’t taken Playstudios long to make its impact felt in the gaming development industry. People like Alex Pratt, Managing Director at iGaming among others are taking notice of the impressive growth and success of this company founded in 2011. That success has been reflected by the accolades from peers and leading gaming industry groups. Along the way this year there were also a few awards handed out.

Only recently was it announced that Playstudios was awarded recognition as Best Social Slots Operator for 2016, and EGR also recognized Playstudios with Highly Commended status in the Social Operator category. The praise and reward didn’t stop there for Playstudios. So this innovative new company with the help of some partnerships with gaming operators and the ingenuity of the Playstudios team, snagged one more title.

The aforementioned iGaming awarded Playstudios the Best Social Gaming Operator of 2016, and noted that Playstudios performed in “standout” fashion in multiple categories. One of those categories was player acquisition to conversion and retention. Of course a young ambitious company like this would take a moment to appreciate these accomplishments – right?

Apparently not, as the ink was still drying on the print that was announcing the recent accomplishments of Playstudios, that very same company was inking a deal with the second largest casino operator in the U.K., Genting. This expansion with global gaming operator Genting International only echoes the success of that acquisition to conversion category for which Playstudios was praised.

The quality, innovation and creativity of the developers for Playstudios is apparent in such award-winning and top-ranked games like myVegas Slots and the KONAMI Slots, this would have much to do with the other half of that category – conversion to retention. To date there are over 30 games that have been released for play, and like those previously mentioned, many have met with excellent success.

There is something different about Playstudios, even the team is of a diverse background from career to educational, the Playstudios team covers a wide array of experience and knowledge.

Then there are those very unique and exciting partnerships Playstudios share with such organizations and businesses like, Royal Caribbean International, Cirque du Soleil and Wolfgang Puck to name just a few. These partners have joined forces with Playstudios to offer customers over 400 prizes. Just for some perspective, in addition to the reach and customer base of those partnerships, consider that the recent deal with Genting. Genting employs in excess of 60,000 people worldwide and operates over 40 casinos. The possibilities of how Playstudios could work within that platform are endless.

Where does a company that has experienced such growth and success go from here? It is probably a good bet, as that recent expansion deal suggest, that there are already plans for precisely that. With all the exciting and entertaining games already introduced and with all the success from those top-ranked games (some were already mentioned) there is no reason not to expect more of the same, cutting edge and creative games that entertain an ever growing customer base.

When it is all said and done though, sure the minds are sharp and creative. Sure these are smart people with good educations and varied work histories. So that is surely why Playstudios has met with such success, yes? Certainly it hasn’t hurt, but on the home page of the Playstudios site is a short message, and it may say more than it says.

There is a certain ‘spirit’, or energy that seems to bond this diverse team together, and it could perhaps be explained as – “the desire to experience life”. Playstudios proudly declares that it is a culture encouraged by the company that seeks laughter, excitement, learning and just all the experiences of life.

Whatever it is that has spurred this gaming developer forward, if the next 5 years are like the first 5, then it looks like there is a bright future ahead for Playstudios. As the vice president of Playstudios mentioned after one of the awards, this is a very competitive industry, and as he said it, bringing your “A” game wasn’t optional. So this bodes well for the fans of online gaming everywhere, as the best online gaming developers fight to be recognized, the results like those Playstudios produce continue to impress.