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Playtech is a prominent Internet gambling technology powerhouse. The company has just increased its selection of casual games by making Funtactix part of its team. Funtactix is a mobile and social game business. Playtech revealed that it had finished the process of making Funtactix its own. Funtactix is known for making mobile and social games that are centered around Hollywood movies. Playtech didn’t provide any specific details regarding the contract’s terms. The purchase amount is unknown to the public.

Funtactix doesn’t just produce its own game titles, either. It also possesses content contracts with various massive entertainment entities. These include both Lions Gate Entertainment and Paramount. Funtactix introduced FTX Games back in 2015. FTX Games is a publishing sector that strives to integrate third-party game companies and intellectual property carriers. Funtactix’s main office is located in New York, New York. Although the company’s primary location is in the Big Apple, it also has offices in other parts of the world. These are Tel Aviv, Israel, Jerusalem, Israel and finally, Los Angeles, California. Funtactix has made games that revolved around the legendary Power Rangers franchise. The company has even made games that revolved around massively popular movies such as Mission: Impossible, Hunger Games, Rocky and Hot Tub Time Machine. Funtactix has also made a game that was inspired by The League, a television program that airs on FX, a cable television channel. Funtactix was created back in 2006. In 2015, Funtactix notified the public of its brand new FTX Games publishing department. This department gave Funtactix the freedom to publish immensely well-known titles. It also gave the company the freedom to put prominent developers in touch with acclaimed intellectual property names that are part of the entertainment realm.

A Funtactix representative had to comment about its deal with Playtech. The individual indicated that Funtactix is still going to concentrate on making FTX games. IP-based games will still be a strong focal point for the Funtactix team. The representative also indicated that the company will receive extensive support from Playtech’s significant internet game creation assets.

The goal behind this new deal is to give Playtech a spot within the large casual games field. The professionals who work for Funtactix are going to keep creating strong partnerships with well-known owners of entertainment property. They’re going to keep making games on-site. They’re also going to keep publishing games that were made by outside sources as part of the FTX Games department.

Playtech has been actively trying to give its casual gaming sector a big boost. The company has been doing this since the 2014 introduction of the Plamee development studio. It has also been doing this since landing Yoyo games in 2015. Yoyo Games is a Scottish firm that is responsible for the creation of GameMaker: Studio.

Shimon Akad is the COO (Chief Operating Officer) for Playtech. He stated that Playtech was equipped with a defined strategy in regard to its casual games sector. He also stated that landing Funtactix would give Playtech the chance to provide third parties, designers and players with more software and content options. Some of these third parties are the planet’s biggest and most prominent brands and studios.

Playtech has been quite busy in recent times, too. The company just recently revealed a €50 million collaboration with Quickspin. Quickspin is a slot development brand that specializes in real money. The software company’s main office is in Stockholm, which is Sweden’s largest city and capital. Fans of video slot games tend to be extremely familiar with Quickspin’s offerings.

Playtech is serious about doing well and thriving in the mobile gaming world. Accessing a film license can be a great option for companies that wish to do so. Since Playtech has just welcomed skilled professionals who fully understand the process of obtaining a film license, it looks like the company’s chances of getting what they want are pretty high. The mobile gaming market can be extremely profitable for companies. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t a lot of competition within the large market, however. It’s not always easy for companies to do well in the mobile gaming realm. That’s because companies such as Supercell and King are so incredibly powerful. These companies significantly increase marketing costs as well. This is precisely why smaller businesses have to be creative. They’ve often done well with the assistance of famed comic book characters and blockbuster movies. That’s exactly how Funtactix is going to help Playtech.