Potawatomi Carter Casino and Hotel, Wabeno – Wisconsin

Location of Potawatomi Carter Casino and Hotel in Wabeno – Wisconsin

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Potawatomi Hotel and Casino

From multiple angles and multiple streets of Milwaukee, one thing shines above the rest of the city. That is the flame that sits above the Potawatomi Hotel and Casino. It’s almost like a beacon calling the city to come on in for a night of fun. That’s exactly what you can expect at this casino.

Potawatomi Hotel and Casino is one of the top spots for fun in Milwaukee. Many come to test their luck, others to pass the time, and some to reunite with friends at many of the bars and restaurants. Potawatomi Hotel and Casino does not close which is part of the big appeal. That means no matter what the time, you can head on down. The casino does stop serving alcohol at bar time, but before that patrons can enjoy a cocktail.

Potawatomi Hotel and Casino offers many places to get a drink. There is the Fire Pit Sports Bar and Grill where you can grab a beer, or a delicious cheeseburger if you’re hungry as well. There is also Bar 360, which just like the name suggests, is a giant circle that sits in the middle of the casino. The bar gives off a fun atmosphere with fun lights, and funky furniture to sit at and enjoy a cocktail. Now, if you don’t want to get up from where you’re gambling, a cocktail waitress can come right to you and grab you a drink in a timely manner. But, say you have the munchies while gambling…

Have no fear! There are so many food options here at Potawatomi. If you’re looking for something upscale and fancy then try out Dream Dance Steak. It’s an award winning, highly rated restaurant that is famous for steaks. If you’re not looking to go super fancy, the previously mentioned Fire Pit has perfect bar food and snacks. There is also a food court upstairs, some of the restaurants there do not close. You eat and gamble all the night long.

Potawatomi Hotel and Casino is of course famous for the gambling. Those who haven’t been there may be wondering what kind of gambling one can do. For starters there are many slot machines. The casino consists of two parts. There is the new side, and the old side which is also known as four season. A fun little tip is that if you are ever wondering where you are in the casino, look up. If you are in the Four Seasons side you should see things such as a snowflake or a leaf hanging overhead which will give you a hint as to where you are.

There is a slot machine for everyone. Kitty Glitter, Wizard of Oz, Sex in the City, you name it. There are 100’s of different themes for slot machines, and they are constantly changing. The great thing about the variety of slot machines, is that there are all different prices too. They have nickle slots all the way up to dollar slots. Here’s perhaps the best part. If you’re not looking to spend too much they have a specific room that is nothing but penny slots. If you’re on the opposite spectrum and looking to spend a lot more then head on in to the High Rollers room. Here you can find 25 dollar, 50 dollar, and 100 dollar slot machines!

In the middle of the flashy lights, and dinging of the slot machines, you will find the table games. Potawatomi offers a large variety of table games from Black Jack, Roulette, and many more different card and dice games. There are nearly 100 table games spread across the casino floor!

One of everyone’s favorite table games is perhaps Poker. You can find the Poker room upstairs and separate from the rest of the casino. Here you can enjoy many tables. There’s always a spot for you as you try your luck, and hand at this game. Cocktail Waitresses come around often as well to check and make sure you are always hydrated.

Another big highlight of the Potawatomi Casino and Hotel is the fact that they have Bingo! Although you have to be 21 to gamble, you can be 18 to play Bingo. Many come here on there Birthday for the first time. Others have been coming for years. Some, just love the game. Bingo always draws a large crowd. So bring your dobbers, buy your sheets, and try your hand at this fast moving and fun game of chance, and luck.

When you’re tired, and all gambled out, don’t worry. You don’t have to drive all the way home if you do not want too. Stay at their brand new hotel that just opened last year. It’s spacious, it’s beautiful, and everything is modern and updated. There are valets to park your car, room service, and even a restaurant right in the hotel for you.

Overall, Potawatomi Casino and Hotel offers something for everyone. Whether you are a first time gambler, or a seasoned pro, come on down and try you’re luck! Whether you want to show off your skill at a table game, or just grab a drink at one of the bar’s, you will feel welcome. The staff at Potawatomi is accomodating, and the atmosphere is welcoming. Try your luck, you never know what might happen.

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