Prep Yourself with These Football Betting Tips

With football season in full swing, betting on individual games, performances and spreads is now back and better than ever. If football is your sport, then it is time to prep yourself on some possible bets. But what kind of tips should you use when it comes to football? Each person is going to have their own betting styles and ways of betting, but these are a few you should take to heart in order to make sure you are receiving the very best potentially chance of winning.

Parity is the Game

There is more parity in football now than there ever has been. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bet against the favorites, but it should mean that you should watch the spread. If you are someone who likes to bet on the point spread, this is something you really need to look into. There are fewer blowouts nowadays then there has been in a long time, so if there is a very large spread, you need to keep this in mind. Any kind of spread that goes into the two touchdown or more line you should almost always take the under performing team to cover the spread. This is especially the case if the game is at their home. It is especially difficult to win by double digits in the professional football league, let alone win by more than two touchdowns. This isn’t to say it won’t happen, but whenever there is this kind of spread, you should almost always take the losing team to cover.

The Patriots

There is something about the Patriots when they have been through something negative. Nobody is going to forget “deflate gate” and this is something the Patriots will not forget either. No matter what your feelings are on this matter, Tom Brady is coming out with a bigger chip on his shoulder than he has ever had before. While you might think that a four time Super Bowl champion doesn’t really need a chip, that is not the case here. Tom Brady has often found himself behind the 8-ball, whether it was playing at Michigan in college and often battling for time (on a side note, did you know he and Charles Woodson were in the same recruiting class? That might go down as the best recruiting class in the history of football), or battling up into the NFL. However, whenever he’s been given that chance he has always thrived. Had it not been for the deflated footballs, he might have just been contempt with his rings. Now though, he is likely going to take his play to an entirely different level. Due to this, you probably shouldn’t bet against the Patriots at all this season. Even with fewer Pro Bowlers, this team could go undefeated.

Quarterbacks on a Down Swing

You might have in the past bet on an NFL team due to their quarterback. That probably isn’t the best idea. Outside of maybe the Packers and the Patriots, you shouldn’t bet on a team simply because of their QB. Peyton Manning is in possibly the final year of his career (really it is either this year or next) and the Broncos just don’t seem to know what to do with him. They’ve won so far, but Peyton hasn’t looked that good doing it. Drew Breese is injured and he’s not doing all that much. Matthew Stafford has usually been on a decent offense, but this could be the final year the Lions put any faith in him. Now is the time to start giving the young blood QBs some attention when betting. So, don’t give the NFL teams a nod just because of their QB. Instead, look at their defense and go from there. With declining QB play, it is the superior defense that is going to win.

New Players

How many new players does one team have on offense? Now look at the other team. How many do they have? Is there a significant difference? If so, go with the team with fewer new players from last year. If you look over the past several years, the team with the fewer changes have done better and that is coming more to the forefront than ever before. Don’t just count the skill positions. Count the offensive line especially. In fact, if the offensive line is completely back from the previous year, that is typically a good thing. It means the front office likes what is going on. So, if there is that substantial difference in new players, always bet on the other team. Did you know the Packer’s only have three players on the team that has played for any other NFL team other than the Packers? It is pretty impressive if you look at it. It’s why the team is always going to be a potential threat to win any game and to go to the Super Bowl every ear Aaron Rodgers is healthy.

There are all sorts of different ways you can go about betting on football. If you have your own method for betting that is perfectly fine and make sure to do it your way. However, you should always keep these tips in mind. First, you want to remember parity regarding the spread. Next, avoid betting against the Patriots this year because they are out to prove a point. Third, outside of Rodgers and Brady, the “great” QBs are winding down their “great” career. And lastly, check out the number of new players of offense. The fewer new offensive players on the team, the better off the team is going to be and it means you should probably place a bet on the team with fewer new players.

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  1. Thank you @admin for this Review of Points Spread and how to bet using them.

    I do not do the Football Fantasy things anymore as I knew a couple of years ago that when i played them there was something wrong with the way certain users could rack things up. And with new allegations of insider trading going on. I dont even feel comfortable about betting at any booking place anymore.

    But for those that do @admin has laid a solid foundation for any user to be able to get into the game and learn to play using the examples above.

  2. I also love football. But, the truth is that I did not make any bet on it till yet. And no doubt, I have not so much knowledge and tips how to make such bets. This article really a very very useful for me to learn all about such tips which can really help me to make bet on football game; in a beneficial ways. Thanks @admin for posting such a useful blog/article.
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