The Present Legal Issues of New Jersey’s Sport Betting

The sports betting in New Jersey was really hoping to start last Sunday; however, an injunction was made by a federal judge to stop those plans. As a matter of fact, this was put to a stop before the first betting was able to take place. The judge was adamant that irreparable harm could have been made if the gambling was permitted. So right now, the sports betting in New Jersey is at a stance, until the legalities are hopefully resolved. or to be forever forbidden in New Jersey.

Some may wonder what’s the big deal with putting a stop to sports betting in New Jersey. Nevertheless, Judge Michael Shipp stated that more legal gambling would lead to more total gambling, and that, in turn, will lead to increased incentive for plaintiffs’ matches to be fixed. He also said that with a temporary restraining order, this will ensure that the issue will be decided in court. And while some approve of this rationality in maintaining order and peace, especially since this injunction was made this past Friday after the NCAA and all of the major sports leagues requested a block on betting- others beg to differ.

There are organizations from different arenas who strongly differ in opinion with New Jersey’s sports betting. For instance, the NCAA and all of the major sports leagues want to put a stop entirely to New Jersey sports betting, and the block is temporary until their case will be heard in court. They believe that the move violates a 1992 federal law prohibiting sports wagering in all states except for four of them, and that this move will hurt the integrity of the games. On the other hand, Governor Chris Christie signed a bill a week before the injunction, to partially repeal the sports betting ban, in order to allow the practice to be limited at racetracks and casinos. The state legislators and Governor Christie believe that having some regulations on sports betting will allow them to go around the previous rulings that stated that the aspirations of the state in relation to sports betting would violate the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA). And for those who favor sports betting in New Jersey, like State Senator Raymond Lesniak, they believe that sports betting will help revitalize Atlantic City casinos, who are now struggling, with the same range as in Las Vegas. Also, many supporters doubt very seriously that irreparable harm would have been done this past Sunday if sports betting was allowed.

So as a result now, the legal paperwork, deadlines, and the court date are as follows: the involved parties of the case are scheduled to appear in Trenton on November 20th before Judge Shipp; the state has until this upcoming Monday to file in opposition; the major leagues’ deadline to file in response will be next Friday; and the expiration of the restraining order is on November 21st, which is the day after the hearing. This, in turn, means that the sports betting is allowed to began at that time, unless Judge Shipp will issue otherwise.

If Judge Shipp decides to issue an injunction, the state will most likely appeal to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia. Also, Judge Shipp increased the bond amount that the NCAA and the major leagues must post in order to cover the estimated losses that incurred last Sunday as the result of the ban, if the case is decided in favor of New Jersey. The amount is increased from $1.7 million to $3.4 million.

With all of these pressing sport betting issues, many of New Jersey residents as well as many people around the world are anxious to know the end result of these issues. And with the court date being just around the corner, the anxiousness has increased in knowing the end result.

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  1. I think this is kind of an interesting activity but it’s depending on each person’s opinion

    • Yes. I do agree the point which you have mentioned if the site is more to gain knowledge in terms of activity…

  2. Sport betting?
    i think this one of all can make a new challange in new game

  3. this is good as everybody now are very much interested in sport betting, it is of great opinion to majority of people who might have opportunity of visiting this page.

  4. Sport betting’s has been growing since more than 100 years until now. Many government in Asia’s countries has made Sport betting to legal. They economic incomes positevely growth fast.

  5. sports betting is very interesting activity and I think govt should put least restrictions on it.

  6. I hope this problem can be solved by preferably by both parties to the dispute, resulting in a mutually beneficial results and can improve the economy of New Jersey through sport and gambling.

  7. First, ask the federal judge whether he or she want to see the existence from the legendary sport clubs like lakers, celtics, yankee, or even nascar racing team? If he or she say yes, then tell him or her how “the real” sports business mechanism run. I’m sure they talk less after that..

  8. Legalize sports betting will protect bettors from theft and fraud.

  9. Sports betting should be legalized. Its then we can control the offensive and wrong ways. Maybe a few restrictions can be put but legalization will prevent a lot many other criminal acts.

  10. Off course sport betting must legalized to regulate some fraud dealer. But this time make no mistake on revenue projection, because it will danger the gambling business

  11. In my country sports betting is illegal, but until now his fans very much and popular.

  12. although sports betting illegal in our country, but still the soul of a gambler will always be there even if they sometimes do it in secret

  13. Sports betting is always fun, as long as there no score manipulation or refree bribary but sometime the above case happened when the mobs interfere..

  14. sports betting is legal should be adopted so that bettors are not rigged, the state can also take taxes from these bets

  15. In my country, in India sport betting is not allowed and it is illegal anyway.

  16. I am from the United States and this just shows that as a nation our government is only concerned about how much money they will get from it.
    The reason they only want it controlled by state and casino’s is so they can keep tap on the money for tax’s.

  17. Of course, sports betting is a great fun for their most of the fans. But not for every one. And what’s the reason behind this, you all should know. Sometimes the betters buy the players and force them what they want. Although sports betting is only fun when there is not any kind of interruptions and enforcements on the participated players.

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