Presque Isle Downs, Erie – Pennsylvania

Location of Presque Isle Downs in Erie, Pennsylvania

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Presque Isle Downs and Casino

If you are looking to play some games of chance, top quality horse racing, or even just enjoy fine music for an evening, then you need to check out the Presque Isle Downs and Casino located in Erie, PA. It is one of the only casinos located in northwestern Pennsylvania, northeastern Ohio, and southwestern New York, and for that reason you can expect quality entertainment and big time fun.

One of the best things that Presque Isle Downs and Casino offers is their seemingly endless lines and rows of slots. With some of the newest and hottest games around, you can almost find a new machine popping up around the casino floor. Furthermore, despite the fact that they are so popular and have so many people there (the Casino is always packed with friendly crowds), you won’t have to wait long to find a machine.

With multiple floors and areas as well, you can be sure that if one segment of the casino isn’t welcoming to lady luck, you can always head to a different section. With table games like craps, roulette, and every card game you could think of, Presque Isle Downs and Casino truly is a place where you can have the fun you are looking for in an extremely controlled and hospitable environment.

For the extreme players of some games, such as poker for example, there happens to be an entire room devoted just to that. If you travel upstairs in the casino you can get away from the exhilarating fun, music, and general amusement, and be able to sit down in a casual and quiet room with some of your best friends to play intense poker.

While the table games are fun and offer gamblers everything they could wish for, the best thing about Presque Isle Downs and Casino is it’s so much more than just the table games. The race track is right out back and you can literally be there in less than a few steps out from the casino’s door. If the weather isn’t up to par, or if it just isn’t race day, then you can watch the races happening all over in their indoor race room. With dozens of televisions, you never have to worry about betting on the horses. There’s always a chance to get the next one (because they are seemingly always going). But, if you don’t want to watch the indoor races, you always have the opportunity to check out the races live on certain days during the racing season. Nothing can truly describe the feeling of being able to have a little fun gambling on horses with a drink in your hand and a nice summer breeze as well. When you see the horses come thundering down the track, you might not even be able to tell if it’s the summer breeze or the top quality breeds that Presque Isle Downs and Casino brings in for the races, either. If you are looking for horse racing up close and in person then one thing is for sure, you need to check out what is offered at Presque Isle Downs.

What can be more fun than making a casino trip a whole day trip? The best answer would probably be turning it into a whole weekend trip. The best part of the Presque Isle Downs and Casino when it comes to hospitality is that you can stay at a hotel right in the casino. You won’t even have to leave the building (which can really come in handy on those cold nights). And, with extremely affordable rates, the convenience of being right in the casino only helps the trip to pay for itself.

By being situated only minutes from downtown Erie, Pa, Presque Isle Downs and Casino can be the destination and the home base for you as well. With dozens of exciting restaurants and bars just within a few miles, you can have as much fun as you would like in the casino or at the downs, and then still only be a few minutes from catching a bite to eat. Furthermore, with a mall only a few miles over (the next exit by highway), you can invite multiple people on your trip and still have a lot more fun to check out around the area if you need a brief break from the casino.

If you are a true spirited gambler, however, then chances are you might not want to be running about all over town. If you think the best thing one can do is stick around until your luck starts to pay off, then be sure to check out the fine dining options as well as the quick service buffet that are both offered right inside the casino. Without having to leave the front doors you are able to get everything you would want for a nice sit down meal. Or, if you are more interested in having a casual drink or two while in between (or during) games, there are multiple bars conveniently located throughout the casino. And with the attractive wait staff that is always walking the floor, you can have drinks brought directly to your station so you won’t even have to get up to go wait for a drink.

What can be more fun than all of the activities already mentioned? The answer is simple; live entertainment. Presque Isle Downs and Casino brings in some of the hottest and most popular local acts from music, to comedy, entertainers and more. By having the entire upstairs area devoted to yet another full scale bar and a stage for live music and acts, you can go right from playing your table games and jump right into a live entertainment session by simply walking up the stairs or taking the elevator a single floor up.

No matter what you are looking for and how long you want to stay, the fact of the matter is Presque Isle Downs and Casino has you and your entire vacation covered. Whether it’s a weekend or a single night, check out the Presque Isle Downs and Casino.

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