Psychedelic Sixties Slot

psychedelic-sixtiesRival’s Psychedelic Sixties provides a much needed jolt of nostalgia for older game players. Even younger players will enjoy the game as well thanks to its array of pastel colors and impressive fun factor. This is a new online slots game with images that are a call back to the 1960s era of free love, rocking music, peace and harmony. Thankfully, this game is fun enough by itself and you won’t actually need to indulge in mind altering drugs to have a good time.


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While most of the Psychedelic Sixties gameplay centers around slot machines, there is some sub text as well. Players move around between different cities in a VW style hippie bus. They are accompanied on their uber groovy journey by the likes of fellow hippies, hobos and hitch hikers. The game does a fantastic job of providing that 1960s feeling that is only otherwise visually captured through pictures and video footage.

Players will meet each of the game’s uniquely designed hippie characters along with their accessories during the game’s beginning animated cinematics. Players are immediately immersed in an unbelievable display of pastel colors that add quite the psychedelic element. The hippies’ special accessories constitute the slot machine symbols. There are flowers, smiley faces, tambourines, crosses, lava lamps and hippie men and women. There are three extra special symbols, the heart (wild), the motorcycle (scatter) and the bus, which is a bonus symbol. Landing any of these symbols will provide the players with extra game events and rewards.

Aside from the game’s encapsulating visuals, there’s also excellent background music that really makes you feel like you are back in the sixties. All sorts of songs from that time period accompany game play though they are reenacted on simpler instruments. The game also has immersive animations like the motorcyclist singing, the hippie woman displaying a peace sign, the hippie man showing a white flower and the tambourine shaking and playing music.

In total, the game has 5 reels and 20 pay lines. Players will find that the heart (wild) symbol only shows up on the initial three reels. It multiplies winnings according to the number of hearts that the player receives. To get free spins, players will have to receive multiple motorcycle symbols at once. It also functions as a multiplier of 5 times. Unfortunately, the game has no progressive jackpot. Yet the fixed jackpots do provide some handsome payouts. The power flower is the the game’s jackpot representation and pays 2,000 coins whenever the player gets five of them on a single payline. There’s also a secondary jackpot of 1,500 coins associated with the biker symbol.

In terms of virtual gambling, Psychedelic Sixties wager amounts are 1 cent, 5 cents and ten cents. This isn’t a high roller’s game. Each pay line can have up to a 10 coin bet and there’s a maximum of 20 pay lines eligible for play. Betting is very easy as the game has been designed with an excellent user experience design with simple to locate buttons and menus that are easy to navigate.

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  1. If you land on any of the special symbols, you will be provided with extra game events and rewards. I just love bonuses!

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